Volvo Adds Turbo to S80 Lineup

2007-volvos.jpgWe were mightily impressed with Volvo’s all-new S80 when we tested the V-8 powered AWD version a few months back. At the time, the only other engine offered was a 235-hp six-cylinder, with front-wheel drive. Now, Volvo is adding a turbocharged version of that six-cylinder, which produces an impressive 295 hp and 285 pounds-feet of torque paired to an AWD system. The V-8, for comparison, produces 311 hp and 325 pounds-feet of torque. Continue reading Volvo Adds Turbo to S80 Lineup

Volvo to complete purchase of Nissan diesel

When the acceptance period for Volvo’s offer for Nissan Diesel expired on March 23rd, Volvo had received a total of roughly 96% of the shares outstanding. Since Volvo has received more than two thirds of the shares in Nissan Diesel, a process is now being initiated to redeem the remaining shares outstanding. Since Nissan Diesel will not be releasing its year-end report for 2006 until May 11th, Volvo has decided to postpone its first quarter interim report until the same date – May 11th 2007. Continue reading Volvo to complete purchase of Nissan diesel

Volvo: So tell us what you REALLY think about our new C30

c30.jpgWhile we have nothing but love for the C30, apparently there has been a love it or hate it reaction to the car at recent auto shows. Volvo has come up with an interesting new ad campaign to harness the polarized reactions to promote its new premium hatchback. Using the tag line, “That’s one opinion. What’s yours?,” Volvo is breaking the 4th wall in its new commercials and asking people what they think of the C30’s styling. And the company isn’t cherry-picking the results, either. Apparently, it’s OK for some people to dislike the car. Continue reading Volvo: So tell us what you REALLY think about our new C30

Volvo wagons rated highest for making whoopee

painted-volvo-wagon.jpgLooks like the 21st century has crowned its new shaggin wagon according to UK car insurer Yes Insurance. Suprisingly, the staid Volve Estate was chosen in a poll conducted by the insurance company of 4,000 people as the best car to have sex in. Why an insurance company needs to know which vehicle sees the most action is beyond us, but it’s an interesting tidbit nonetheless. Continue reading Volvo wagons rated highest for making whoopee

Volvo V8 push ramped up with XC90

volvo-v8-xc90.jpgThe biggest new-model push in decades is about to drive Volvo forward in Australia. The Swedish brand hit an all-time low of just 2600 sales in 2003 and has been rebuilding since, firstly with its Bloody Volvo Driver advertising push and now with new models. It has just updated its XC90 all-wheel-drive wagon, has the C70 coupe-convertible almost ready for Australia and is also preparing a new S80 flagship. Continue reading Volvo V8 push ramped up with XC90

New V8 Volvo XC90 arrives

v8-volvo-xc90.jpgVolvo has stepped performance up a gear, introducing a V8 engine for the first time, as well as a new and improved five-cylinder diesel engine into the XC90 range. It now includes the existing 154kW 2.5-litre, five-cylinder turbo engine, at $69,950, the new 2.4-litre, five-cylinder turbo diesel engine for $72,950 and the range-topping V8 for $84,950. Continue reading New V8 Volvo XC90 arrives