Tokyo 2007 Preview: Subaru G4e concept

Subaru may finally be making a play for all the Greenies that traded in their dilapidated Legacy wagons for a Prius with the G4e EV concept, set to be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. The styling is an odd amalgamation of current Subaru design cues partnered with a Tron-meets-Pichatchu exterior.

The wedgified body and short overhangs will do wonders for interior room and flexibility, and with the installation of next-generation, lightweight lithium-ion batteries stowed underneath the floor, Subaru expects that the G4e will be able to motor along for 200 km before plugging in.


G4e Concept (Concept car)
The G4e Concept is a futuristic environment-friendly concept electric vehicle (EV).
· The traditional perception of electric vehicles’ being “heavy” and “cramped” is reversed by realizing
packaging which accommodates five passengers, with batteries stored underneath the floor.
· An image of heading toward the future is expressed by the triangle-shaped body.
· Thanks to the adoption of high-performance next-generation lithium-ion batteries and lightened body
weight, FHI expects this EV to be able to travel 200 kilometers per charge.

Officially Official: Subaru Impreza WRX STI

The wait is finally over. Subaru has released official photos and initial info on the new JDM-spec Impreza WRX STI. Details remain scant, however, as Subaru only tells us that the new STI is powered by a 16v 2.0L boxer with a twin-scroll turbo mated to a 6-speed manual. Continue reading Officially Official: Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Tokyo 2007 Preview: Subaru Exiga Concept

With the new STI out of the way, we can now bring on Subaru’s 2007 Tokyo Motor Show concepts. First up is the Exiga, an AWD wagon that almost certainly previews a future production vehicle — the next Legacy, perhaps? In concept form, the Exiga sits on a 2750mm wheelbase and is powered by a 1994cc 4-cylinder turbo. Continue reading Tokyo 2007 Preview: Subaru Exiga Concept

First Subaru Camry rolls off the line in Indiana

No, we’re not confused – Subaru’s parent company, Fuji Heavy Industries, and Toyota cooked up a deal in 2006 that creates more production capacity for the Camry by having Subaru of Indiana Automotive begin building the country’s best selling car. The deal was one of the first fruits born from Toyota’s decision to snatch up the 8.7% stake in Subaru that GM dropped back in 2005. Continue reading First Subaru Camry rolls off the line in Indiana

Subaru announces RB320 STi in honor of fallen rally driver

subaru_rb320_01.jpgSubaru is paying tribute to the late Richard Burns, 2001’s World Rally Champion, by offering a special-edition Impreza in his honor. The RB320 STi’s name is derived from Richard’s initials and the power output of the car’s engine. All the Richard Burns editions receive the Prodrive Performance Pack, which in addition to delivering the 320 horses, includes an uprated suspension that puts the Subie 30mm closer to the ground. Continue reading Subaru announces RB320 STi in honor of fallen rally driver

Winter approaches. Imprezas wait impatiently…

ys.jpgWhen I was in high school, my Dad had a mid-80s Subaru GL 3-door hatch with 4WD. The thing looked like a little silver dune buggy and I loved it, but sadly, he got rid of it before I wound up getting my license. The wee GL was a bit too small for his taste, you see, so he upgraded to a brand-new, fire-engine-red ’88 GL wagon (non-turbo, automatic with the push-button 4WD on the shifter). I used to eagerly await the snowy weather so that the Subie and I could frolic around the corners in my neighborhood. It was no high-speed machine, but it was a hell of a lot of fun and the thing seemed to adore snow, slush and other such winter slop. Continue reading Winter approaches. Imprezas wait impatiently…

Subaru Announces New SPT Power Packs

subaru_imprza_wrx_sti.jpgSubaru today announced the SPT Power packs, a new performance kit for the Subaru Impreza WRX and the Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT. The kit consists of the new SPT Performance Exhaust System, SPT High Flow Air Intake System and the SPT Heat Sheild. The SPT Power Packs give an extra 30 horsepower and 20lb-ft of torque on a stock 2007 STI. It gives the 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX an extra 10 horsepower and 17lb-ft of torque. On the 2007 Legacy 2.5 GT the SPT Power Pack gives an extra 30 horsepower and 30lb-ft of torque. Continue reading Subaru Announces New SPT Power Packs

Subaru Impreza 1.5R

impreza_1-5r11.jpgWell it might not be the typical Impreza you’ve got in mind but nevertheless, one cant only rely on WRX’s & STi’s to make money in Europe’s mainland. So, Subaru Europe decided to present a poor mans -or more politically correct, a new basic version of their mid-sized Impreza at the Paris International Motor Show, which by the way is officially named, Mondial de l’Automobile. Tres chick, don’t you think ? Continue reading Subaru Impreza 1.5R