Official shots of BMW M3 sedan leaked

Official shots of BMW M3 sedan leakedGod bless forums, you have to love them. The occasional flame war aside (who are we to talk?), they’re often the repository of choice material like this, what appears to be the first official images of the BMW M3 sedan scanned from a brochure. The main shot is large enough to appreciate how well the M3 style plays with the proportions of the 3-Series sedan, while the tiny pic gives us a profile comparison between the M3 coupe and sedan. Continue reading Official shots of BMW M3 sedan leaked

2008 BMW M3 Sedan unveiled

We’ve been waiting a long time for BMW to snap out of its haze and bring us a four-door version of the venerable M3 coupe. That time has officially come. And it turns out the leaked photo from earlier today was probably from BMW itself, as even though it wasn’t included in the official batch of images released tonight, it’s the same car you’re looking at here. Continue reading 2008 BMW M3 Sedan unveiled

BMW HP2 Sport

Longtime BMW riders would hardly recognize the motorcycles coming from the Bavarian bike maker these days. Starting with the redesign of the R-Series models and their bump in displacement to 1200cc’s a few years ago, BMW has been making a statement that it’s going to be moving the brand up in the performance ranks. The four cylinder K1200 series has given BMW an image-bike that further cements it into the high performance race, and now the R1200S HP2 Sport will take the BMW brand back to the race track in style. Continue reading BMW HP2 Sport

BMW reportedly interested in buying Volvo?

bmw-volvo.jpgAutocar says BMW seriously considered taking Volvo off of Ford’s hands earlier this year, going so far as to request financial data about the company, which is surprising on several levels. First, does this mean Volvo is for sale? Bill Ford has said nothing in Ford’s Premium Auto Group is sacred, but Volvo seems to be one of the company’s shiniest jewels. Continue reading BMW reportedly interested in buying Volvo?

BMW 1-series cute ‘ute still planned

x_1_bmw.jpgWe’ve been trying to avoid reporting on the rampant rumor mongering that seems to take place every month in some of the European buff books. One month you’ll have tales of a new rear-engined V-Dub, while on the other end of the newsstand you can read all about the supposed new flagship from Skoda. Don’t get us wrong, there are a few mags from across the pond that we devour, but some are the automotive equivalent of the Weekly World News. Autocar isn’t one of them. Continue reading BMW 1-series cute ‘ute still planned

Bmw at Techno Classica: highlights from 90 years of hystory

The BMW brand is celebrating its 90th birthday at the Techno Classica 2007. Selected highlights, such as the BMW 507 and the BMW Turbo study, provide impressive evidence of technological expertise, ground-breaking design and innovative power as traditional mainstays of the brand. The cars, motorcycles and aero engines on show span the entire history of BMW – from the BMW IV aero engine to today’s BMW M6. Plus, BMW Group Mobile Tradition charts the history of the company’s Convertibles from the 1930s to the new BMW 3 Series Convertible under the banner “Bracing Breeze Worldwide. BMW 3 Series Convertibles.” Continue reading Bmw at Techno Classica: highlights from 90 years of hystory

Photo Rendering: 2010 BMW 5-Series

2010_bmw_5_series01.jpgWe were wondering why BMW made such minimal changes to the new facelifted 2008 5-Series they just released, but it seems it was because BMW is planning a total overhaul for the 2010 BMW 5-Series. For some reason we don’t see much 5-Series here but if this is what the 2010 5-Series will look like, we have nothing to complain about. From the picture it seems to be a mixture of the BMW 3-Series coupe front facia and the back of the BMW 7-Series. Continue reading Photo Rendering: 2010 BMW 5-Series