Maserati Quattroporte Automatica Review

maserati-quattroporte-automatica-review.jpgSince its introduction in 2004, the fifth gen Maserati Quattroporte has been a sedan poised on the brink of greatness. Its fatal flaw: a clunky automated manual transmission ill-suited to the model’s luxury mission. Unlike some propeller-badged Germans we could name, Maserati’s Italian parent heeded the catcalls directed at its high tech gearbox. FIAT sourced a ZF six speed fully automatic transmission to cure the problem, subito. So, are we there yet? Continue reading Maserati Quattroporte Automatica Review

Maserati offers exclusivity—and 1.9 percent financing

maserati.jpgIt isn’t often that an exotic brand offers a big bargain, but Maserati North America has 1.9 percent financing for 60 months on its flagship Quattroporte sports sedan. The deal marks the debut of Maserati’s new captive finance arm.  Maserati says it’s a one-time deal on the car – the equivalent of a year-end sales event. The deal is only available on the 2006 Quattroporte, which starts at $108,750, including shipping and gas guzzler tax. A spokesman says 60 vehicles remain in dealer stock. The offer expires Sunday, Dec. 31. Continue reading Maserati offers exclusivity—and 1.9 percent financing