Kia unveils ‘Concept i’

Kia today pulled the covers off a completely new motoring solution, the Concept i.  With the Concept i, Kia will be the first manufacturer to offer a modular car to UK customers enabling them to choose almost every aspect of their car from a simple ‘menu’.  The ‘i’ is part of Kia’s initiative to provide design led vehicles which target European customers.  With the help of their local Kia dealer, customers can choose the engine, transmission and trim specification of their vehicle before opting for the rear module – saloon, hatch, estate or pick-up formats are all available. Continue reading Kia unveils ‘Concept i’

Kia Rondo

rondofront.jpgIf Toyota is the new GM, Kia is the new Toyota. After establishing a U.S. beachhead with price-oriented products, the Korean automaker has gradually expanded its reach by replacing its penalty boxes with vehicles sporting upmarket features and class-leading safety, while maintaining the brand’s value promise. The Rondo is yet another example of the kind of mass market machine The Big 2.5 should be building, but isn’t.     Continue reading Kia Rondo