Lexus IS F to take on SPEED

The Lexus IS F’s path from production car to racing version has been a long and convoluted one. Starting with a grainy picture and initial information of the Lexus IS F Racing Concept which were followed by real-life pictures of its debut at the 2008 Tokyo Auto Salon courtesy of my.IS member David Huang (screen name IS300eR) and then veering off to the ever more outrageous stories of it either evolving into a mid-engined sedan racer or evolved from a 2004 Opel Vectra DTM racer, we were left to wonder if it would all ultimately self-implode into a big pile of vaporware. Continue reading Lexus IS F to take on SPEED

Hybrid version of LF-A supercar confirmed by Lexus

lexus-lf-a.jpgAt the Detroit Auto Show in January, Lexus showed a re-styled version of the LF-A concept that originally appeared on the show circuit in 2005 and has turned up periodically running around the Nurburgring in Germany. Until now, the LF-A has been powered by a 500hp 5.0L V-10 driving the rear wheels. At the same show, Toyota also showed a sports car concept called FT-HS that had a hybrid drivetrain. Continue reading Hybrid version of LF-A supercar confirmed by Lexus

All-New 2008 Lexus LX 570 debuts at the New York International Auto Show

Lexus unveiled the all-new 2008 LX 570 full-size luxury utility vehicle at a press conference today at the 2007 New York International Auto Show. The all-new third-generation LX will feature more technological advancements to provide added power, luxury, safety, roominess and both on- and off-road capability over the award-winning LX 470 it replaces.
Continue reading All-New 2008 Lexus LX 570 debuts at the New York International Auto Show

Whoops! Lexus accidentally releases images of IS-F on web

lexsissneak.jpgWe’re almost dead certain that Lexus will unveil the IS-F, a very high-performance version of its IS-Series sedan, in Detroit next week. Regardless of whether it does or not, we’ve been treated to a sneak preview of the car thanks to an online advertisement that’s been released revealing the entire car, albeit in low resolution. The ad tells us the car will have 400+ horsepower from a 5.0-liter V8 and reach 60 mph in under five seconds. This is certainly the most performance-oriented Lexus vehicle to touch rubber to road, and we’re eager to find out if Lexus could suppress it’s natural inclination to dampen this car to death. Continue reading Whoops! Lexus accidentally releases images of IS-F on web

Lexus RX400h

lexus-rx400h.jpgIF you want a new green machine, you have to pay a steep premium. It’s hard sell, but Lexus thinks it can convince enough buyers to move into its new 400h. The 400h is the hybrid version of the RX350 and commands a $10,000 premium over the Sports Luxury petrol RX or a tick under $20,000 for the entry Sports RX. Continue reading Lexus RX400h

2007 Lexus LS 460

2007lexusgs.jpgIt is difficult for a company to establish itself as a manufacturer of luxury cars of the highest class and quality. That was the aim of Lexus when, 17 years ago, as a division of Toyota Motor Corporation, the LS 400 was launched in America and Europe. Americans are generally more pragmatic and less traditional than Europeans, and they soon recognized the LS 400 as a car offering superior quality at a lower price than its most prestigious competitors from either continent. Continue reading 2007 Lexus LS 460

Lexus GS450h hybrid

lexus-gs450h.jpgThe new hybrid from Lexus is a smooth ride, but it’s a hefty price to pay to feel eco-friendly with good diesels around. Remember Betamax video recorders, those lumbering, top-loading titans of terminal technology? They went from old hat to dead format in the blink of an eye. Now picture the Lexus GS450h, a car that may just be the equivalent of a $121,900 Betamax recorder. Continue reading Lexus GS450h hybrid