Volvo C30 R in the works

The C30 has been a hit with hatch fans since its introduction thanks to strong proportions and unique design cues, but something that has always been missing is a super-high performance variant. Like the Focus RS, the new C30 R could offer huge power in a small and sporty hatch.

The C30 R shouldn’t be confused with the R-design package C30 (pictured), which is a strictly visual upgrade package. The C30 R is intended to be a much meaner variant.

In fact, the C30 R will be using the same engine block as its Focus RS corporate cousin, which turns out 300hp (224kW) in street-going trim. Volvo will take that figure up to 350hp (261kW) for its C30 R, though exactly how that will be done isn’t yet clear. Likely a combination of more turbo boost and more aggressive tuning will be the end mixture, though that much horsepower may require strengthening some of the engine’s internal components, such as connecting rods and pistons, as well.

With Volvo’s AWD system to put all that power to the ground the C30 R could be the uber-Focus RS that so many fans have been clamoring for – a true rally hatch for the street. Unfortunately, the prototype may be the last stop for the C30 R, as the company currently has no plans to take the car to a full-scale run, according to AutoTelegraaf. The possibility is there, since the prototype exists, but the current emissions and fuel consumption climate may be sounding the car’s death knell just as it is born.  Source: MotorAuthority