Ford buys Rover brand name from BMW

ford-rover-bmw.jpgFord has exercised its right to acquire the Rover brand name from BMW. When the American automaker purchased Land Rover from BMW, it obtained the right to buy the related Rover name if BMW ever elected to sell it. When BMW announced it had come to an agreement to sell Rover to Chinese automaker Shanghai Automotive in late August, Ford was given 90 days to intervene and make the acquisition itself. Continue reading Ford buys Rover brand name from BMW

New BMW 335i coupe

bmw-335i-coupe.jpgBMW’s new 335i coupe is not class leading, It’s in a class of it’s own. WISER heads than mine sagely say that a car ought not -indeed cannot -be judged by the cossetted drive that is typical of media launches. No, they continue – usually unbidden and often at considerable length – you must take the newcomer in question and spend days comparing it with other cars of questionable Continue reading New BMW 335i coupe

Jaguar Tops the Chart In Yet Another Quality Survey

jaguar.jpgIs Jaguar getting a bum wrap in the surveys? Autospies has uncovered yet another survey in which Jaguar out places even the highly respected brand such as Mercedes and BMW. German motoring magazine Auto Zeitung has published its 2006 Quality Report and Jaguar has come out on top over strong competition from European and Continue reading Jaguar Tops the Chart In Yet Another Quality Survey

BMW 7-Series

tm_1-sep15-7er.jpgThe prying lens of Mrs. Priddy and her minions captured the newest 7-series during a test run, naturally dawning its prerequisite outerwear. The LLN crew gathered from the photos that the new seven will be ‘toned down a bit,’ compared to its Bangled elderly siblings, with a more subtle rear end and a revised fascia. Continue reading BMW 7-Series

BMW to introduce first hydrogen powered luxury car

bmw.jpgGerman automaker BMW AG said Tuesday it will introduce the world’s first hydrogen-powered luxury performance car.Know as the Hydrogen 7, the car will be built in a limited edition in Europe and will be sold to the U.S. market, the company said in a statement. It’s equipped with an internal combustion engine capable of running on either hydrogen or gasoline and is based on BMW’s 7 Series. Continue reading BMW to introduce first hydrogen powered luxury car