Tokyo 2007 Preview: Subaru Exiga Concept

With the new STI out of the way, we can now bring on Subaru’s 2007 Tokyo Motor Show concepts. First up is the Exiga, an AWD wagon that almost certainly previews a future production vehicle — the next Legacy, perhaps? In concept form, the Exiga sits on a 2750mm wheelbase and is powered by a 1994cc 4-cylinder turbo.

Inside, the concept’s airy cabin (note the expansive roof glass) is finished in white leather meant to emulate the seating on a luxury yacht. Looks like a car to us, though. Exiga also contains enough multipurpose video screens to set new benchmarks for distracted driving. Look for the car’s shapes to transition to production and for the myriad video screens to stay behind in concept fantasyland. Drivers are addled enough as it is, you know?

[Source: Subaru]