VW Releases Special Edition Models for 2007

vapor_blue_beetle.jpgFor 2007, Volkswagen will offer a lineup of special edition models with unique characteristics to create excitement in showrooms and individuality among owners. The Wolfsburg Edition Jetta, Fahrenheit GTI, Fahrenheit GLI and Triple White New Beetle convertible will build on the already great features of the standard versions of these models, with elements and design cues exclusive to these special editions. Continue reading VW Releases Special Edition Models for 2007

Mitsubishi NS Pajero conquerer

mitsubishi-ns-pajero.jpgMITSUBISHI’s fourth-generation Pajero is set to reach new heights. THE track ahead looked daunting: rocks the size of footballs, deep potholes, ridges, ruts, loose stones and a gradient so steep it would be hard to walk up without slipping over. But, hey, the new Mitsubishi Pajero already had shown how easily it could handle rough terrain and by now this driver had every confidence it would ease its way up, and down, this rugged steep patch, too. Continue reading Mitsubishi NS Pajero conquerer

Lamborghini Murcielago and Gallardo (video)

lamborghini-murcielago-and.jpgThis Lamborghini promotional video features some beautiful and artistic cinematography of Lamborghini’s heart-pumping Gallardo and Murcielago exotic supercars. See these bulls rampaging down country roads, through Manhattan and around a track. Unfortunately the exhaust notes from the V10 and V12 powerplants are dubbed over with bad dance music, but the three-and-a-half minute video is definately still worth watching. Continue reading Lamborghini Murcielago and Gallardo (video)

Mesh with Success: In.Pro’s Audi A6 grill

in-pro-audi-a6.jpgSome love it, others hate it, but everyone must concede that the dominant deep grill that has formed Audi’s new corporate image is a distinctive styling feature. In.Pro takes the look a step further with its emblem-less mesh grill that gives the A6 an even bolder front fascia. The look of In.Pro’s aftermarket grill is thoroughly modern, but draws its inspiration from the Auto Union race cars that dominated competition in the 1930’s. Continue reading Mesh with Success: In.Pro’s Audi A6 grill

2008 Aston Martin Rapide

aston_martin_rapide_conceptfront_left_view.jpgAt this year’s Detroit auto show, Aston Martin stunned the gathered crowd with a breathtakingly beautiful four-door styling exercise called the Rapide. Named for the legendary late-1930s Lagonda flagship engineered by W. O. Bentley, the Rapide is the second four-door Aston project initiated under Ford ownership. The first, the 1993 Lagonda Vignale show car, was designed by Ghia and later mothballed. The Rapide, however, is all set for production in 2008, just ahead of its direct rival, the Porsche Panamera. We drove the concept car in Gaydon, England. Continue reading 2008 Aston Martin Rapide

Spy Shots 2008 BMW 7-Series

bmw_7-series_1_3w.jpgThe new BMW 7-Series Sedan will debut in late 2008 and “will finally draw the line under the flame surfacing era”. The new car will have a sleeker, more refined design. Power comes from an updated range of petrol and diesel engines, and there’ll also be a hybrid version. The new 7-series will be a ground-breaking model, for its design, chassis and powertrain. As you can see the roofline is faster, the glasshouse more coupe-like and the overall look more compact and dynamic. Continue reading Spy Shots 2008 BMW 7-Series

2007 Honda CR-V Hybrid?

honda.jpgConsidering Honda has not made any significant internal changes to the new Honda CR-V… could a hybrid be in future consideration?  This would put Honda above Toyota, ’cause not everyone wants a V6 in a compact SUV. This could act as an entry level to the compact hybrid SUV market. Honda could use parts from the current Civic hybrid.This would not only add to increased fuel economy, but it would give Honda more publicity. Continue reading 2007 Honda CR-V Hybrid?