Ferrari develops 4WD system

ferrari_599_gtb_geel_drift.jpgAccording to an article in Italiaspeed, it seems you may be able to equip your next prancing horse with all-wheel-drive. What’s being called “insertable 4×4” can be equipped in both Ferrari’s mid-engine and front-engine vehicles and will only be activated if the computer senses a loss of traction. However, unlike systems utilized by Lamborghini, Ferrari drivers can choose between traditional rear-wheel- and the four-wheel-drive when and where they wish.

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BMW M6 cabrio details and pricing

p0024675.jpgBack in June, BMW released all the details about their new M6 convertible, except one – price. Well, the mystery has been solved and those of you who want to own what could possibly be the fastest production drop top in the world can get it at the bargain price of $105,095, including shipping. As a comparison, the carbon fiber, fixed roof model will only set you back $96,795, with shipping and the highfalutin Neiman Marcus Individual M6 will liberate $139,000 from your corporate expense account. Continue reading BMW M6 cabrio details and pricing

Carlsson CK50 antes up 435 HP for the Mercedes GL-Class

carlsson_ck50_gl01.jpgBrabus may have beaten them to the punch by a few weeks, but you knew nothing was going to keep the engineers at Carlsson from getting their mitts on the big, bold Mercedes GL-Class SUV. The Carlsson CK50 begins life as a Euro-market GL 500 (currently, we only have the GL 450 here in the States). The base car is no slouch, dishing out some 388 horsepower, but we’re talking Deutsch tuners here, and with these guys, horsepower numbers beginning with number “3” are routinely laughed at. Continue reading Carlsson CK50 antes up 435 HP for the Mercedes GL-Class