Ferrari festival at Mugello with the historics

The Mugello Historic Festival gets underway today. This is a unique event for car fans featuring over 200 cars in the paddock and on track, many of them having contributed to some of the most unforgettable moments of international motor sport. Ferrari has chosen to dedicate this weekend to its own historic cars, with the opening round of this season’s Shell Ferrari Historic Challenge and the first event in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the F40. Continue reading Ferrari festival at Mugello with the historics

Ferrari s Classiche program meets the USA in LA

ferrari-85.jpgAlthough several months old now, the Ferrari Classiche program had one of its big coming out parties at the LA Auto Show last week. A beautiful 275 GTB sat at the back of the Ferrari booth, glowing as brightly as the modern 599 GTB grand touring cars out in front. One of the first Classiche cars, it was sporting a wholly new engine under that elegant bonnet. Similar to what Mercedes does at the Classic Car Center in Irvine, CA, Ferrari offers Classiche customers the chance to have their classic or vintage vehicle restored using factory blueprints, parts, molds and technicians to guarantee its authenticity. Continue reading Ferrari s Classiche program meets the USA in LA

Ferrari develops 4WD system

ferrari_599_gtb_geel_drift.jpgAccording to an article in Italiaspeed, it seems you may be able to equip your next prancing horse with all-wheel-drive. What’s being called “insertable 4×4” can be equipped in both Ferrari’s mid-engine and front-engine vehicles and will only be activated if the computer senses a loss of traction. However, unlike systems utilized by Lamborghini, Ferrari drivers can choose between traditional rear-wheel- and the four-wheel-drive when and where they wish.

Continue reading Ferrari develops 4WD system