Torqualicious Range Rover Sport TDV8

06_range_rover_sport.jpgThis November, Land Rover will begin the sale of an updated Range Rover Sport that will come equipped with either a 2.7-liter, turbo-diesel V6, or a new TDV8 that produces 40-percent more power and torque than its six-cylinder brethren. Only you can’t have either, because they’ll only be available in Europe.

While covering all the goings on in Paris last week, the Range Rover press event didn’t make it on our short list and that’s when news of the new diesel debuted. With a price tag just shy of $100,000, all the luxury accoutrements you’d expect are included, along with some newly developed/acquired technology in the form of adaptive cruise control, dual alarms, voice recognition and an adaptive automatic transmission.


The revised Range Rover Sport we get stateside will hopefully benefit from some of these new features, just don’t expect the diesel version to make it over anytime soon. [Pistonheads]