Do It Yourself: Full Electric Opel Monza

The technology is here and waiting for us. All you have to do is put a bit of personal work in it. Trust us, it ain’t hard. Look at what this Russian comrade managed. Doesn’t matter whether you own a dazzling new bimmer or a 30 year old Opel Monza. Throw out those blood sucking petrol motors and fill your engine bay with half a dozen of batteries. Do the same with the extra storage place in your

Video: Skoda Creates A Whole Fabia Made From Sweets!

Skoda wants the new Fabia to be “one of your favourite things.” To really prove to you how totally “sweet” this car is, Skoda gathered the country’s finest chocolatiers, bakers and bricklayers to help create a life delicious size version of the Fabia with cake and candy. According to the Czech manufacture, “rivets were for raisins, metal for marzipan and spark plugs for sugar.” The process was

Update: VW Golf GTI W12 Presentation Pictures & Video

Continuing our report on VW’s super-impressive 650Hp strong Golf GTI W12 Concept, we just got our hands on the full English press release that answers most of our questions concerning the king of GTI’s. But that’s not all. As you can see, we also added high-res images (including the very first picture of the interior) and a short video, all from VW’s presentation at the GTI meeting “Worthersee

Mitsubishi Colt “Black Hawk” Limited Edition Versions

Mitsubishi announced that it has launched two special limited edition Black Hawk Colt 3-door 1.1 and CZT models for the UK market. As their name suggests, the Black Hawk’s are solely available in black with two silver stripes running from front-to-back -plus privacy-glass fitted to the side and rear windows. Not so successful if you ask us, as the twin stripes up front make the Colt look like

New Transformers Theatrical Trailer

Now this is more like it; Bumblebee standing up on his own two feet, Starscream mucking around in the air and a whole lot more. The final theatrical trailer of Michael Bay’s Transformer Movie is probably the best thing you’ll see until the film hits the big-screen on July 4th. Excited? We most certainly are. Via: Motorpassion Technorati: Transformers+Movie, Cinema, automobile, cars, automotive,

2008 Mastretta MTX: Mexican Mid-Engine Sports Coupe

Seems like every country has its own sports car today so when we discovered the Mastretta MTX it didn’t struck as a big surprise. Developed by Mastrettadesign, a company founded in Mexico City in 1987 that specializes in industrial design, the MTX sports coupe will be launched at the 2008 International Mexican Auto Show in December 2007 with sales (Mexican & International) starting in the first

It’s Alive! First Chinese built MG’s roll off the production line

What a glorious day for all ya gearheads: Nanjing Automobile Corporation (NAC) announced that that first Chinese built MG’s have rolled off the production line!!! We hope you know what that means –seriously now, cause we’re kinda left speechless with all this excitement that the news brought us… Well, I supposed I should say a thing or two about NAC MG. The latter obtain the rights to build MG

A New Love: The 2008 Audi A5

“Sexy!” is all that comes to mind when I took a look at the Audi A5 and Steve Siler over at wonders “whether Audi’s slinky sexpots are the kind of girls you want to have kids with, or the type that you’re better off just, um, you know.”

I have to say, the A5 did make me think twice about cheatin’ on my A8. The A5 looks more fun, but yet the A8 is soooo distinguished and grounded.

Hmmm, well I could get both, couldn’t I?

Here are some of the A5’s features:

Engine 3.2L displacement
double overhead cam (DOHC)
V6 cylinder configuration
24 valves
variable valve timing
243 ft-lbs. @ 3000 rpm
DriveTrain 6-speed manual transmission
all wheel drive
Suspension four-wheel independent suspension
front and rear stabilizer bar
multi-link front suspension
multi-link rear suspension
Instrumentation tachometer
low fuel level warning

Audi Video: Car Compilation For Audi Enthusiasts

It’s been a day of YouTube for me and of course, I had to check out any new Audi videos that have been uploaded. I came across this Audi car compilation that has pictures of pretty much all of the Audi models…

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted and they say if you really want something, you need to think about it everyday. With that said, I have the intention of posting here everyday and visualizing that A8 in my driveway!

Audi Creates Buzz in the Blogosphere With the Cross Coup

There’s much talk in the blogosphere about Audi’s Cross Coup Concept which was unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show today….

Kicking Tires has some great photos of the car from different angles.

The Autoblog says: “…Audi appears to give up some utility by going for style, as its cargo area is obviously going to be compromised by the sloping roofline…”

The German Car Blog says: “…And don’t believe in some other websites telling you that this is the new Audi Q5. We don’t think so!”

Visit Los Angeles in Style With Audi and Hotel Bel-Air

For all you high-rollers out there, Audi has partnered up with Hotel Bel-Air to offer special packages if you come visit Los Angeles. This is the package I would like:

Audi Presidential Package:
• Three nights in the Presidential Suite
• The use of an Audi A8L
• Cristal Champagne upon arrival
• Round-trip limousine airport transfers
• Two Monogrammed Hotel Bel-Air bathrobes
• Daily full American Breakfast for two
• Dinner for four in The Restaurant on two nights
• Dinner for eight at Table One – includes Chef’s Menu and Vintage Wines
• Four in-room spa treatments to include two massages and two facials

Now that’s what I call living The Good Life! For more information on the packages, visit the Audi website.