A New Love: The 2008 Audi A5

“Sexy!” is all that comes to mind when I took a look at the Audi A5 and Steve Siler over at CarAndDriver.com wonders “whether Audi’s slinky sexpots are the kind of girls you want to have kids with, or the type that you’re better off just, um, you know.”

I have to say, the A5 did make me think twice about cheatin’ on my A8. The A5 looks more fun, but yet the A8 is soooo distinguished and grounded.

Hmmm, well I could get both, couldn’t I?

Here are some of the A5’s features:

Engine 3.2L displacement
double overhead cam (DOHC)
V6 cylinder configuration
24 valves
variable valve timing
243 ft-lbs. @ 3000 rpm
DriveTrain 6-speed manual transmission
all wheel drive
Suspension four-wheel independent suspension
front and rear stabilizer bar
multi-link front suspension
multi-link rear suspension
Instrumentation tachometer
low fuel level warning