Lindsey Lohan Calling Paris Hilton: Caught DUI After Crash

Seems like its all about the DUI’s these days as now Lindsey Lohan, or favorite blond/brunette/red-head of Hollywood was caught red handed by paparazzi crashing her Mercedes and fleeing the scene, on foot! Sources say she might be off to the “big-house” to join her pal Paris for the same offense. Unfortunately their big contracts can’t get them out of this pickle. Can NBC please place a camera in these jail-cells. I have no doubt that these girls will find some way to get some cash out of this situation. -One more video with the full story after the jump

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Green Technologies from Beijing

CNET has some excellent, brief and enjoyable coverage of the China Beijing International High Tech Expo. CNET has focused on technologies that promise to green Beijing. China seems to be taking this challenge seriously, with one of the major deadlines being next year’s olympic games. Beijing may be one of the dirtiest cities in the world, but they’ve got a lot of brains working to change that.

Featured on CNET are innovations from "grasscrete," an "environmentally sustainable alternative paving system," to a 300 mph maglev train (both pictured above.)

Not pictured include extremely efficient renewable energy heating stoves, and a couple of good looking electric vehicles (a scooter and a bike) both powered by non-toxic lithium ion batteries.

China’s response to the environmental crisis is extremely important and, for the moment anyway, it looks encouraging.

Re-Purposing Bottles as Glasses

Product branding creates instant recognition. When consumers have a brand lodged in their consciousness, the odds increase that this product that will be selected and purchased. Consumers are drawn to the familiar even if it is now a glass and not a bottle.

Companies spend big bucks developing brand recognition. Beverage companies are no exception.

Green Glass is converting empty, discarded bottles into elegant glassware. They began operation in Johannesburg, South Africa and have established a North American manufacturing facility in Central Wisconsin.

Green Glass recycles glass bottles so that they retain the original image and the consumer can connect with the product. Each glass retains the original shape and contour of the product. This presents shoppers with an image they will immediately recognize.

"They’re functional, so people will pick them up several times a day for years to come," Penrith said. "The glasses also connote a positive corporate commitment to environmental stewardship."

DuPont, BMW, Microsoft, Smith Kline Beecham, Perrier Group of America, John Deere, Wells Fargo, Ford, Minolta, Valpre Spring Water, South African Breweries and Seattle Coffee Co are all Green Glass customers.

No market for recycled glass eh? Green Glass demonstrates that this is not a valid point; they are tapping into an environmental demand to reduce the amount of waste that we send to the landfill, and creating an attractive product while doing so.

Source: Green Glass

Parking Lesson 101: Don’t Reverse In First Gear

…especially when you have illegally parked on the sidewalk, right in front of glass wall and you’re in such a hurry to avoid being ticketed. According to our tipster, this video was taken from a security camera in Athens, Greece on the day of the UEFA Champions League Final between Milan and Liverpool, May 23. –thanks for sending the video CC!

Mazda’s Rotary Engine 40th Anniversary: Wallpapers & Rotary Widget Included

On May 30th 1967, Mazda sold its first rotar-engine powered car and simultaneously, the world’s first dual-rotar, rotary engine vehicle, the Cosmo Sport. 40 years latter and while most manufactures have long abandoned the idea of developing the innovative but also problematic, rotar-engine, Mazda continues to believe in Felix Wankel’s dream. Tomorrow, May 30, 2007, Mazda will celebrate the rotary engine 40th birthday by opening a dedicated website -we’ll have more details on that later Continue reading Mazda’s Rotary Engine 40th Anniversary: Wallpapers & Rotary Widget Included

Gasoline, Steam Engine Hybrid?

If somebody tells you that adding a little bit of water to your engine can get you 40% better mileage, they’re probably blowing a lot of hot air. If Bruce Crower, winner of the 2007 Popular Science Invention Award tells you it’s possible, be prepared to be blown away.

In today’s gasoline and diesel engines, the four strokes of the piston – intake of air, compression of the air/fuel mixture, combustion of fuel, and exhaust of the resulting fumes – generates temperatures above 1500°F. Crower’s new engine design harnesses this otherwise wasted heat by injecting water onto the blazing hot piston. The water instantly vaporizes  and expands in volume 1,600 times to power the piston through another two strokes. The resulting steam is then recaptured and fed through a condenser to be used again.

Not only does this increase the amount of power produced by the engine by about 40%, it cools the engine as it operates, completely eliminating the need for a cooling system. No radiator, no coolant, no water pump… it could shave as much as 1000 lbs off the weight of semi-truck engines.

Best of all, the technology could be used in any kind of internal combustion engine. Gasoline, hybrid, series hybrid, biodiesel, and it would always save huge amounts of fuel.

No word yet on when we might see this in passenger cars, but the designer’s credentials and a working prototype mean it’s not more than a few years off.

via Popular Science

Google Registers ""…WHY???

Last Wednesday Google registered and .org. And, since then, rumor and speculation have been somewhat rampant. I decided to wait it out, and am now, after some extra news has come in, letting you all know what I think is going on.

First, we all know that Google owns hundreds of thousands of computers. These, of course, are mostly servers, not PCs. And Google has worked very hard to ensure that these servers are extremely energy efficient in order to decrease their costs.

Second, Urs Hoelzle, Google’s Senior VP of Operations has recently been working on the issue of PC power supply inefficiency. The reality is that this is a huge problem. PCs power supplies are extremely inefficient, and there really is no good reason for this. Check out our stories on the 80 Plus initiative for more on that.

Third, Urs Hoelzle actually, himself, registered Linking Google’s buy directly to Urs.

Fourth, Urs told Nic Carr at Rough Type that they weren’t thinking of building their own PC, had never thought of building their own PC, and were likely never going to build a Google PC. Urs referred to the purchase of ClimateSaverPC as a "personal matter."

Fifth, other search engines (Snap and Yahoo) have been working on ways to engage their users in the climate crisis. Yahoo by allowing people to pledge to decrease their carbon footprint. Snap by offering their users a tiny application that greatly decrease the power consumption of their PCs.

SO! What do we know? Well…not very much.

But we can speculate that Google would like to get in on the climate change PR game. And, as Urs is linked to this whole thing, it’s possible that Google is working on a new power supply standard that will allow for a large increase in PC efficiency.

While I doubt that Google is going to be starting up a power supply manufacturing plant, I wouldn’t be surprised if they created a PR campaign that would outline steps for folks to make sure that their machines are as efficient as they can be. And / Or possibly to encourage component makers to adopt a new power supply standard.

All I can say is, it seems like the sort of thing they’d do.

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Steve Jobs Says Gore Would Undoubtedly Win

In a recent inteview with Time Magazine, Apple chief Steve Jobs declared that there was no question in his mind that Al Gore would win if he ran for President of the United States.

Al and Steve are two of our favorite EcoGeeks, and we’ve been pleased to see them standing together. Gore is a member of Apple’s Board of Directors and reportedly played a large part in Apple’s new plan to green-up their business.

Jobs speculated that Gore’s experience in 2000 is keeping him from realizing his current potential. Frankly, I wouldn’t blame him…I had a hard time voting after the pain of the 2000 elections. But I sure would like to see that EcoGeek in the White House again, as President or in the newly created office of "Secretary of the Climate Crisis."

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