How Important is a Volkswagen Car Cover?

I guess as what this picture suggest quite bluntly, it is very important. Since nature is way beyond our control, it all up to us how to protect our beloved Volkswagen automobiles. Functioning much like a shield against debris, dust, heat and other atrocious elements, the Volkswagen car cover is definitely an accessory that we should consider as an investment.

By the way, thats a Volkswagen Passat under that car cover.

Aggressor Diesel-Electric Hybrid Prototype: The Army Gets Eco-Friendly

It was bound to happen; after winning the hearts of thousands of civilian drivers, hybrids are a just a step away from conquering the hearts of the military personnel. Take the Aggressor prototype for example. An off-road Alternative Mobility Vehicle (AMV) that specializes in military ground exploration and scouting missions equipped with a battery-dominant, hybrid-electric drivetrain with a

“Kia Cee’d XR”: Made By INCUS Tuning House… However, A 225Hp 2.0 Turbo Is Coming In ‘08 April

Although we posted a detailed report on all upcoming versions of Kia’s Cee’d last week we thought it would be a good idea to get a few things clear after seeing a report on the Cee’d XR on Autocar today. First of all, the “XR” styling kit was unveiled in March at the 2007 AutoRai Show in Amsterdam -see here. Second, it’s the work of a tuning house called INCUS (Innovative Customization Sys) that

Übermaß- und Schwertransporte

Die Transportunternehmen Jenty-Spedition bietet ihre Dienste in
Ausführung von Übermaß- und Schwertransporten in West-und Osteuropa
sowie Zentralasien an.

In mehreren Jahren unserer Arbeit im Bereich der Transportleistungen
wurden von uns leistungsfähige Methoden der Zusammenarbeit mit Kunden
zu gegenseitigen Gunsten sowie verschiedene Techniken zum Durchführen
von Übermaß-und Schwertransporten mit minimierten Kosten und binnen
kürzester Zeit.

Aufgrund der von Ihnen übermittelten Informationen werden unsere
Manager ein maßgeschneidertes Projekt zur Beförderung Ihrer Sendung
ausarbeiten und kümmern sich um alle nötige Abstimmungen mit den

Somit werden Sie sich den Instanzweg sparen können – unsere
Mitarbeiter sorgen für Erhalt sämtlicher Spezialgenehmigungen innerhalb
von 7-20 Tagen.

Wir sorgen dann auch für Begleitung der Spezialtransporte mit Begleitfahrzeugen sowie mit Verkehrspolizei.

Ãœbermaß – und Schwertransporte

2008 Ford Mondeo TV Spot Takes On Prestige Marks

Yes, you’re not mistaken; the car featured in the above screen-shot is a 2008 Audi A6. Wondering what the hell it’s doing in a Mondeo ad? Well, Ford wants to place the new 2008 Mondeo that just went on sale in Europe as an upscale model in the mid-size sedan market. So, what better way to do it than to include premium cars in your ad? -Continued below The TV spot, that was filmed in 30 locations

Video: 2008 Peugeot 308 Caught On Tape

Or rather un-taped as the 308 shown on this amateur video has no sign of camouflage. We guess it won’t be long till Peugeot breaks out the first official images of their new VW Golf contender as the guy driving the Pug didn’t seem to care much for our nosy spy in the neighboring car. Besides, we’ve already seen a whole bunch of images of the 308 varying from commercial shots in South Africa to

2008 Opel Vectra Spied

Due to be unveiled at the 2008 London Motor Show (July 23 to 3 August, 2008) the new Opel Vectra (which will also base a mid-size Saturn) has been caught on camera by Automotorsport performing test runs on an airfield in Germany. Despite the “military” camouflage it’s quite obvious that Opel designers took a really close look at the Geneva Show GTC Concept while drawing up the Vectra. Undoubtedly

Nemesis: Man Leaves Girlfriend On Railway, She Gets Hit And Lives, He Gets Hit By His Car And Dies

What a tragic yet, unbelievable story. A 21-year-old Californian man who tried to kill his 23-year-old female companion by leaving her in a parked car on a railway crossing at San Fernando Road and Branford Street, L.A. was ironically killed himself when the oncoming Metrolink commuter train threw the parked Dodge into him. According to eyewitnesses, the couple had been seen arguing in their

2008 Subaru Impreza S-GT & 15S JDM Versions Scooped

We don’t know if this will make European and American Scooby fans feel a little bit better or not, but from the looks of it, the JDM (Japan Domestic Market) version of the 2008 Impreza WRX will loose the “WRX” nameplate in favour of the uninspiring and meaningless “S-GT”. As you can see from the images that where posted on NASIOC, apart from the 7.500 rpm redline (US WRX: 6.500 rpm) and the 180km

Audi TT Roadster “FAG-XXX” License Plate!

Unlike the States and despite the various “Gay car of the Year” awards here and there, in Europe, the Audi TT isn’t widely considered as a metrosexual symbol on wheels. Or is it? Ok, we’re not sure if the term “fag” has the same meaning in Sweden, but we nearly fell off our chair laughing with the pictured 2008 Audi TT Roadster and the obvious association we made. And no, it’s no photoshop as the

2008 Seat Altea Freetrack Crossover Breaks Cover

A couple of weekst before the official premier at the Barcelona Motor (7 to 17 June, 2007), Seat uncovered its first all-road vehicle, the Altea Freetrack. Loosely based on the homonymous 2007 Geneva Show prototype -forget about the door mounted spare tire, the humongous ground clearance and the pronounced wheel arches, the Freetrack will go on sale in Europe in September. The Freetrack is