The DTM Race Season Kicks Off In Hockenheim

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen; I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and took advantage of the warmer-than-usual temperatures blanketing much of the country. To kick things off this morning comes a recap of the DTM season opener that took place in Hockenheim over the weekend. Rather than give you the full details of the race – something which could get somewhat confusing due to the number of Mercedes drivers involved – I’ll instead give you a quick summary of where each of the driver’s finished and let you check out the full press release for the actual race commentary. So without further ado, the Mercedes drivers’ results:

EvoBus GmbH Wins Contract From Czech Republic For 600 Mercedes-Benz Intouro Intercity Buses

DaimlerChrysler announced yesterday that in the city of Prague, privately-owned ICOM transport a.s. has just signed a contract with their subsidiary, EvoBus GmbH, to purchase a total of 600 Mercedes-Benz Intouro intercity buses. The agreement spans a total of five years, with 100 buses scheduled to be handed over this year, 300 additional buses scheduled to be delivered next year, and the remaining 200 buses scheduled to be delivered between 2009 and 2011.

Inside Line And Auto Bild Report On The 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Going through our inbox this bright Friday morning an astute reader by the name of Eric tipped us off to an article published by Inside Line – one which looks at the 2010 Mercedes E-Class. The article is based on recent Auto Bild renderings of the upcoming model, and states pretty much what you see in the picture. Gone are the oval headlights we’ve all come to know and love, replaced by a squared-off lights similar to the ones found on the new C-Class. Overall size and shape will remain similar to the current model however, while only minor revisions to the rear are expected.

Freightliner announces new big rig: the Cascadia

cascadia.jpgIt may not look like anything revolutionary to the untrained eye, but to hear DaimlerChrysler tell it, the all-new Freightliner Cascadia is very much a big deal. It’s built on a new platform that readily accepts EPA ’07-compliant engines and is ready to play home to powerplants built off DCX’s Global Heavy Duty Engine Platform, the first of which are set to arrive later this year from Detroit Diesel. It also incorporates a new, common Electric/Electronic Architecture, and many features and systems were designed from the outset to be easily accessible, repairable, and/or replaceable to ensure that the rig’s able to maximize its on-road time. Continue reading Freightliner announces new big rig: the Cascadia

Mercedes CL65 AMG: high-performance coupe

Two special events make 2007 a particularly significant year for Mercedes-AMG: the arrival of a new top model – the Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG high-performance coupe with its 450 kW /612 hp V12 engine – which rounds off the unique AMG range and which also, in “40th Anniversary” limited edition guise, marks a special anniversary: the high-performance brand of the Mercedes Car Group (MCG) celebrates its 40th birthday in 2007. Continue reading Mercedes CL65 AMG: high-performance coupe

25 years of the Mercedes C-Class

25 years ago, Mercedes-Benz introduced the Model 190 and laid the foundations for what has become the bestselling model series in the history of the brand: the C-Class. To date around six million Mercedes C-Class Saloons, Estates and Sports Coupés have been delivered to customers. On March 31, 2007 the fourth generation of this bestselling Mercedes will appear in the showrooms of company-owned Mercedes sales outlets and dealerships throughout Europe to continue this success story. Around 60,000 orders have already been received for the Saloon. Continue reading 25 years of the Mercedes C-Class

Mercedes-Benz injects more Sport into CLK

Want the more aggressive looks of an AMG without the extra power and huge jump in price? That’s what the Sport Editions have traditionally been all about. Popping up on models that need a little something extra to create a bit of a stir in sales, they typically feature bodywork changes as well as upgraded wheel/tire/brake packs. The CLK is the latest model in the Mercedes-Benz range to get its own Sport Edition. Continue reading Mercedes-Benz injects more Sport into CLK

Does a Mercedes REALLY last three times longer than a BMW?

img_2470.jpgI have been a travelling fool for the last few weeks with the Detroit Auto Show, Mercedes C-Class intro in Stuttgart and the Kia Rondo drive this week in Phoenix. And the schedule is not going to get any easier over the next few months…  On my trip to Stuttgart, I heard what could be one of the biggest ‘Disses’ ever when (I won’t reveal their identity or what company they work for) threw a real backhanded slap at BMW. Continue reading Does a Mercedes REALLY last three times longer than a BMW?

Mercedes-Benz recalls 130,000 vehicles in Germany

51775401.jpgAfter a rough few years full of significant recalls, Mercedes-Benz appeared (or appears, depending on your perspective) to be getting its act together by successfully addressing its quality issues. The automaker just announced a major recall in Germany involving 130,000 vehicles windshield wiper motors that could be defective. While one recall a return to quality does not ruin, neither does it help. Continue reading Mercedes-Benz recalls 130,000 vehicles in Germany

Mercedes-Benz dealership brings service to your door

mers.jpg Can’t bring the E class in for service? Beck Imports will bring the service to you. The Mercedes-Benz dealership in Charlotte, N.C., now offers mobile maintenance and repair. Two Sprinter vans, each carrying $30,000 worth of service equipment, meet customers at their homes or offices — or, in one recent instance, the golf course. Other dealerships across the country offer mobile service. But Richard Mikels, Beck Import’s general manager, said the service his store rolled out in November is the state of the art. Continue reading Mercedes-Benz dealership brings service to your door

Brabus Rocket bests own speed record

rocket_nardo_05.jpgThese engineers at Brabus sure are tough guys to please. Apparently, the top speed record they set at Nardo with the Brabus Rocket wasn’t good enough. Some of you may recall that back in June, we reported that the Rocket maxed out at 362.4 km/h (225.18 mph) on a top speed attempt at the Italian track. That was good enough to snare the uber-CLS the lofty title of “Fastest Sedan in the World.” Continue reading Brabus Rocket bests own speed record