Is Apple Working On A Nav System For Future Mercedes Models?

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen; I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. One of the stories making headlines today is a rumor published by the German magazine Focus which states that Apple – purveyor of the iPod, Mac computer line, soon-to-be iPhone, etc. – is developing a new navigation system which will make its debut on Mercedes models starting in 2009. The rumor then goes on to indicate that after a six-month exclusivity deal, other automakers will follow suit and offer the new nav units in addition to MB.

Car And Driver Gets First Look At Mercedes’ Upcoming GLK-Class Lineup

At a press event in Kitzbuehl, Austria, Car and Driver met with the head of Mercedes passenger car design Hans-Dieter Futschik to witness firsthand the Mercedes’ newest addition to its SUV family: the GLK-Class. Although taking photos of the model wasn’t permitted, a number of details of the model have been revealed, well ahead of its premier which is currently scheduled to take place in the second half of 2008.

Mercedes Dealer Attempts To Charge 6,500 Dollars To Remove A Pebble From Moonroof

Going through our inbox this morning, a reader by the name of Will tipped us off to a video posted on Wise Bread, one which provides an amusing look at a Mercedes dealer which attempted to, either directly or indirectly, screw a customer. It’s a seven minute video, so if you don’t have time to watch it, I’ll give you a quick summary. A Mercedes owner was having trouble with his moonroof, so he took it to a Mercedes dealership for a repair estimate. The dealership informed said Mercedes owner he needed a new frame, etc., and that the cost would be about 6,500 bucks. Owner then took his Mercedes to another repair shop, after which he was informed that a small stone lodged in the moonroof was the cause of the malfunction, a repair which was carried out with the help of a tweezers at the cost of 143 dollars.

A Look Into The Future: Mercedes Presents Details Of Their Forward-Looking Safety Concepts

As evidenced by the host of safety features found on their current model lineup, Mercedes is clearly a company focused on improving driving safety, whether it be in the event of an accident or by preventing an accident altogether. But have you ever wondered what the future holds in store for driving safety? If so, Mercedes has published a press release today detailing their forward-looking safety concept.

Readers Of Motor Klassik Name Mercedes CLS, SL And G Models ‘Classics-To-Be’

In a recent survey conducted by Motor Klassik, readers of the trade journal named the Mercedes CLS, SL and G-Class models ‘classics-to-be,’ placing each at the top of their respective classes in the ‘upper medium,’ ‘convertible’ and ‘offroader’ segments. Other Mercedes models mentioned in the survey included the SLR McLaren in the ‘sports car’ category, the Maybach 57/62 in the ‘luxury’ category and the smart fortwo in the ‘mini cars’ category, with each of the aforementioned earning second in their respective classes.

Now With More Chrome: ASMA Design Unveils A Slightly Updated CLS Shark II

Just when you thought ASMA’s CLS Shark II couldn’t get more flamboyant, the newest version of the German-tuned CLS-Class has been unveiled, and yes ladies and gentlemen, it is indeed even more eye catching. Updates include added chrome accents (most notably on the grille) and a two-tone black and silver paint job, both of which aim to complement the plethora of venting found throughout the vehicle. ASMA has also introduced a pair of new wheel designs as well, which can be added to the CLS Shark II and a number of other Mercedes models, should you so desire.

Mercedes Ocean Drive Concept To See Production By 2011?

For those of you eagerly awaiting the news as to whether or not the Mercedes Ocean Drive concept will ever see production, Motor Trend reported over the weekend that the convertible S-Class will indeed enter the market, debuting in the 2011 model year. Aside from the fact production has been confirmed, little else is revealed, other than the fact that it could be powered by anything from the current 5.5-Liter V8 to an AMG-tuned V12.

Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH presents the ‘Collection for the smart 2007’: For enthusiasts and individualists

With a daring, unconventional design, the ‘Collection for the smart 2007’ captures the attitude to life that is unique to smart enthusiasts and individualists. The cult bags, fashionable clothing and attractively designed utensils are just the thing for picnics, parties or any other occasion. The ‘smart fortwo edition 2007’ products were created specially for the new fortwo. smart drivers are smart by nature and have a weakness for unusual design. And they wonÂ’t be disappointed by the current ‘Collection for the smart 2007’, now available from smart partners. The ‘digital’ and ‘analogue’ watches not only boast a modern design but also precision – either square with a striking LCD display or round with luminous hands and date window. Made from brushed stainless steel, the solid casing forms a striking contrast with the cheerful green or vivid red textile strap. The watches come in a round neoprene case and a unique feature is that the bag has compartments inside and can later be used as a CD case.

J.D. Power And Associates Awards Three Mercedes Models After This Year’s Customer Survey

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen; I hope you all had a fantastic June weekend and took advantage of the balmy temperatures blanketing much of the country. To kick things off this morning comes a story we missed last week, one which reveals a marked improvement in Mercedes’ J.D. Power rankings. In the latest customer survey, the luxury brand managed to jump some 20 spots from 25th to fifth, and in addition earned a silver J.D. Power award for their plant. Even more notable, three Mercedes models – the S-, SL- and E-Class – each received gold J.D. Power awards for quality in their respective classes, a clear indicator that Mercedes’ initiative to improve customer satisfaction and product quality is indeed having an impact.

Extensive range of ‘Accessories for the smart 2007’ available: Clever and smart

The smart fortwo is a car’s length ahead of its time and lends a new, modern dimension to urban mobility. The smart’s clever vehicle concept remains unrivaled in its second generation as well, a fact also reflected by the new ‘Accessories for the smart 2007.’ The extensive range of features, which are based on intelligent ideas and sophisticated detailed solutions, include everything from practical storage elements to functional foot mats, effective navigation systems, and outstanding sound systems. The new bicycle, ski, and snowboard racks impressively demonstrate how large equipment items can be stored in the smallest possible space — it’s truly intelligent cargo management à la smart.

Mercedes Car Group Posts Record Sales of 116,000 Passenger Vehicles in May

Sales of Mercedes Car Group passenger vehicles rose three percent in May 2007 to a record 116,000 units (May 2006: 112,700 units). During the first five months of the year as a whole, sales of Mercedes-Benz, Maybach and smart brand vehicles amounted to 500,500 units (January-May 2006: 508,500 units). At 103,400 units, MayÂ’s result marks a new all-time high for sales of Mercedes-Benz brand vehicles (May 2006: 101,800 units). Since the beginning of the year, deliveries of Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles have risen to the record level of 468,400 units (January-May 2006: 459,100 units). With the new generation of the E-Class, Mercedes-Benz gained market shares in all triad markets. As a result, worldwide deliveries in the upper-range segment have increased by twelve percent since the beginning of the year, to 99,500 units.

Last 203 Series C-Class Station Wagon Rolls off Assembly Line in Bremen

The last C-Class station wagon of the 203 series rolled off the assembly line at the DaimlerChrysler plant in Bremen on Thursday, marking a major milestone in the success story of the Mercedes Benz C-Class. Approximately 360,000 units of the C-Class station wagon have been sold since the model was launched in early 2001. The last vehicle produced at the plant, a black C230 Kompressor equipped with right-hand drive, will go to a customer in England.