Mercedes Dealer Attempts To Charge 6,500 Dollars To Remove A Pebble From Moonroof

Going through our inbox this morning, a reader by the name of Will tipped us off to a video posted on Wise Bread, one which provides an amusing look at a Mercedes dealer which attempted to, either directly or indirectly, screw a customer. It’s a seven minute video, so if you don’t have time to watch it, I’ll give you a quick summary. A Mercedes owner was having trouble with his moonroof, so he took it to a Mercedes dealership for a repair estimate. The dealership informed said Mercedes owner he needed a new frame, etc., and that the cost would be about 6,500 bucks. Owner then took his Mercedes to another repair shop, after which he was informed that a small stone lodged in the moonroof was the cause of the malfunction, a repair which was carried out with the help of a tweezers at the cost of 143 dollars.