Does a Mercedes REALLY last three times longer than a BMW?

img_2470.jpgI have been a travelling fool for the last few weeks with the Detroit Auto Show, Mercedes C-Class intro in Stuttgart and the Kia Rondo drive this week in Phoenix. And the schedule is not going to get any easier over the next few months…  On my trip to Stuttgart, I heard what could be one of the biggest ‘Disses’ ever when (I won’t reveal their identity or what company they work for) threw a real backhanded slap at BMW.

When I posed the question:

If the BMW 3-Series keeps winning award after award and beating the C-Class, shouldn’t Mercedes just build a better 3-Series and end BMW’s streak?

This person fired this bomb right back at me…

The BMW may drive well but it will only last 100k miles vs. 300k for a Mercedes C-Class.

WOW, I thought!

These are fightin’ words!

This couldn’t be true, could it?

I find it hard to believe but all I can say is the person who said this definitely had the background and experience in the business to make me think long and hard about what they had to say and wonder.

I wish I knew the way to actually find out if it is true because I don’t, so I will open up this discussion to the most knowledgeable car enthusiasts in the world…our readers.

What are your thoughts and experience on this subject?

I will now duck behind the bunker and watch this battle begin…