VW Eos flubbs USA Today review by not starting

eos_02_lr.jpgUSA Today’s James Healey really liked the new VW Eos. “… boy, was the car nice when it wasn’t broken.” Uh oh. Broken? In technical terms, giving a non-working car to the nation’s highest-circulation newspaper is offically called a “whoopsie.” Healey loved how the Eos looked, drove and operated until he stopped for gas. After filling up, the gorgeous hardtop convertible showed signs of electrical problems by refusing to start. Not Good.

After waiting a few minutes for VW’s mechanics to show up, Healey nervously played with the key fob, inadvertently opening the car’s locks, thereby accidentally discovering the Goddess of the Dawn had awakened. After returning the car to its makers, Healey is told the car’s battery cable had been disconnected for a recent car show and not properly replaced. Forgivable, we suppose. But then he’s also told the mechanic found a missing seal in the car’s air-intake system. A bit more difficult to explain.


Probably just an honest mistake that will never happen again and is not indicative of Eos’s reliability. But then, not exactly the kind of thing you want printed in more than 2.2 million newspapers nationwide, or on Autoblog for that matter. [USA Today]