2007 MINI brochure caught in the wild

p0027639.jpgSure, it’s the UK version of a preview brochure for the new MINI, but come on, it’s the NEW MINI! In all seriousness, when we spotted that the MotoringFile had picked up a copy of the new brochure, we practically scrambled over each other to get it in front of your eyes. The file they got their hands on is a scanned copy of the pre-release literature, and it almost makes you feel dirty for looking at it. We don’t care! Continue reading 2007 MINI brochure caught in the wild

BMW 7-Series

tm_1-sep15-7er.jpgThe prying lens of Mrs. Priddy and her minions captured the newest 7-series during a test run, naturally dawning its prerequisite outerwear. The LLN crew gathered from the photos that the new seven will be ‘toned down a bit,’ compared to its Bangled elderly siblings, with a more subtle rear end and a revised fascia. Continue reading BMW 7-Series

Testdrove a 2007 Mercedes-Benz E280 CDI

e280cdi1.jpgThe model I tried was the new E280 CDI in Avantgarde trim level. This was going to be an interesting testdrive, because I can compare the new facelifted E-Class directly to our very own 2002 E320, one of the first delivered in all of Germany. First impressions were positive. The new E-Class feels noticeably more solid than the pre-facelift version. The doors feel heavier and close with a nice “thud” sound. Continue reading Testdrove a 2007 Mercedes-Benz E280 CDI

Mercedes-Benz Launches The World’s First BLUETEC Car

bluetec.jpgBLUETEC technology is making Mercedes-Benz the pioneer of a new generation of  clean and powerful high-tech vehicles with highly effective exhaust gas treatment systems that give them the potential to fulfill the world’s most stringent emission limits in the future. At the same time, the basic technology for turbocharging and common-rail direct injection used in Mercedes CDI diesel engines has already proved itself in millions of vehicles in Europe. Continue reading Mercedes-Benz Launches The World’s First BLUETEC Car

Audi R8 Makes Two New Arizona Appearances

audi-a8.jpgWith the world debut of the R8 tantalizingly close now the test mule sightings continue to pile up. This week two separate AudiWorld readers in Arizona captured R8 photos using their cell phones. When first posted in the Discussion Forums people assumed that it was the same vehicle spotted twice. We soon came to find out, however, that Audi continues to test at least two different R8 mules in the desert. Continue reading Audi R8 Makes Two New Arizona Appearances