First Drive Test HUMMER H3T

If HUMMER had a theme song, it’d probably be the Allman Brothers’ Whipping Post — the one that goes “Sometimes I feel, sometimes I feel, like I been tied to the whipping post…” The brand has been the go-to effigy when something needs to burn on the altar of eco desecration. But HUMMER doesn’t have a theme song, it has the tagline “Like No Other.” It also has a new pick-em-up truck we had the chance to drive recently in the High Sierras: the H3T. Follow the jump to find out if it’s another HUMMER like no other, and check out the gallery of hi-res images below. Continue reading First Drive Test HUMMER H3T

HoliHUMMER GeigerCars Santa-style H2

geiger_xmas_h2_05.jpgWe know God loves us. How else can one explain the existence of GeigerCars? Whether it’s a 700-horsepower police H2, an audacious Gulf-liveried HUMMER GT, or any number of the various customer cars the company has prepared, no one knows how to hook up a HUMMER like Geiger. Modders who think they’ve accomplished something by throwing on donks, a killer stereo and calling it a day are simply not in the same ballpark. Continue reading HoliHUMMER GeigerCars Santa-style H2

Meet the Holden HUMMER: H3 to be sold in Australia

hummer21_l_m.jpgHUMMER is going down under. GM Holden Executive Director Sales, Marketing and Aftersales (say that ten times fast), Alan Batey, just made the announcement at the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney. After announcing 16 other new models that will be arriving for 2007 and beyond, Holden pulled back a huge curtain to give Australians their first glimpse of the HUMMER H3. Continue reading Meet the Holden HUMMER: H3 to be sold in Australia


hummer_h3t.jpgActually, Hummer needs more Hummers. That’s the news coming out of GM today as Bob Lutz told reporters at the opening of a Hummer dealership in Paris (we hope the dealership is well fortified, and Lutz is prepared to take a pie in the face). As for any particulars on what new Hummer models we may see, good ole’ Bob as the usual non-committal statements, Continue reading GM needs HUMMERS