2008 Ford Super Duty brings more

08_superduty.jpgWell, the Paris Motor Show has begun and the initial reports are coming in from our team on the floor. Surprisingly, the first vehicle to come across the Atlantic is the decidedly un-European, 2008 Ford Super Duty F450 pickup. It’s big, real big and with reason. The new uber-truck boasts the highest towing capacity in its class, with the ability to pull 24,000 pounds or haul around 6,000 in payload. Continue reading 2008 Ford Super Duty brings more

Ford Mondeo wagon

mondeo02_450.jpgOver the past few days, we’ve seen a few scanned pics and blurry images surface of the Ford Mondeo Concept. Finally, Ford has released a full photo gallery of the wagon concept, due to be unveiled in Paris next week. The new Mondeo lifts several cues from the Iosis concept that debuted in Frankfurt, which, according to Ford, is defined as ‘kinetic design’. Continue reading Ford Mondeo wagon

Ford Transit gets 4WD

transitawd04.jpgThe Ford Transit has for decades been the standard working horse of Europe and much of the rest of the world – the F-150 for our friends across the pond. The versatile work-a-day hauler was recently named Van of the Year by a pan-European panel of automotive journalists. (Why didn’t they ask us? Just ’cause we can’t find “Yurp” on a map doesn’t mean we don’t have an opinion!) Continue reading Ford Transit gets 4WD

Ford buys Rover brand name from BMW

ford-rover-bmw.jpgFord has exercised its right to acquire the Rover brand name from BMW. When the American automaker purchased Land Rover from BMW, it obtained the right to buy the related Rover name if BMW ever elected to sell it. When BMW announced it had come to an agreement to sell Rover to Chinese automaker Shanghai Automotive in late August, Ford was given 90 days to intervene and make the acquisition itself. Continue reading Ford buys Rover brand name from BMW