2008 Ford Focus Coupe, next-gen sedan

tm_6-sep27-focus-coupe.jpgSpy photographers caught prototypes of both coupe and sedan versions of the new Ford Focus in testing this week. The two-door Coupe will be a new addition to the Focus family, reminiscent of the Escort ZX2. Both the sedan and coupe will get Ford’s new signature three-bar grille.

Both vehicles will also get some interesting detailing to the side panels, with a bold character line that sweeps up from the front wheel well to the’ beltline, and on to the rear deck. Another chiseled line runs along their lower midsections, adding some more surface development.


This is the first appearance of full, production-spec prototypes for the next-gen Focus, and any hatchback variants have yet to make an appearance. [Leftlane News]