Ford of Europe spared the Way Forward

fordeurope2621.jpgAs Ford readies the presentation of the Accelerated Way Forward plan for North America tomorrow, in Europe, it’ll be business as usual. Ford’s profitable European division offers a peek at what life could be like for the North American division after the Way Forward — assuming all goes well.

To get where it is today, Ford Europe eliminated jobs, closed plants, and made the remaining facilities more efficient. All seven plants on the Continent operate at 100% efficiency, according to the Auto Channel. Of course, it doesn’t matter how well-oiled the manufacturing operation is if the product isn’t up to snuff. Here again, Europe gets the better of its larger North American counterpart, offering a diverse mix of compelling, stylish vehicles, many of which you’ll see pictured after the jump.

We, like everyone else, are very interested to hear what’s in store when the Way Forward 2.0 is revealed tomorrow. Whatever it is, we hope Ford finds a way to pull it off. There’s plenty of work ahead, and they have several new products coming that can now only be described as crucial, such as the Ford Edge and the new, long-awaited and more powerful 3.5-liter Duratec V6 that will find its way into much of the company’s vehicle lineup.[The Auto Channel]