Mercedes E-class – all class

mercedes-e-class.jpgThe florid Yank leaned forward to emphasise his point, no mean feat given his girth.  BMWs are fur the fellah whose makin’ his money. Mercedes, on t’other hand, are fur the fellah whose made his money,” he leered.  This good ol’ – and no doubt oil-rich – boy was how a certain Merc buyer was described (well, more or less) by a marketing bloke when I asked him to define the marque’s demographic. Continue reading Mercedes E-class – all class

First test of BMW X3 SUV

bmw-x3-suv-1.jpgTheoretically, you could launch just about any motorised vehicle in Germany – a Korean sports car, a Yank tank, a hulky bulky SUV, you name it – and it would end up feeling fabulous.  The joy of driving the country’s speed-limitless freeways and its smoothly surfaced and spectacularly twisty back roads is such that it rubs off a feeling of wellbeing onto whatever you happen to be piloting. Continue reading First test of BMW X3 SUV

Ford Transit gets 4WD

transitawd04.jpgThe Ford Transit has for decades been the standard working horse of Europe and much of the rest of the world – the F-150 for our friends across the pond. The versatile work-a-day hauler was recently named Van of the Year by a pan-European panel of automotive journalists. (Why didn’t they ask us? Just ’cause we can’t find “Yurp” on a map doesn’t mean we don’t have an opinion!) Continue reading Ford Transit gets 4WD