Report: GM and Renault/Nissan end talks

gm-renault-nissan.jpgThe Wall Street Journal is reporting that talks between General Motors and Renault/Nissan have ended. The news comes from an unnamed person familiar with the situation, which could be the guy that fills the water glasses on the conference table, and Renault so far is refusing to comment. We do know that the board of General Motors met yesterday, presumably to discuss what had been learned from 90 days of exploratory talks held behind closed doors between GM and Renault/Nissan. The domestic giant, however, made no statements following the board meeting and is so far mum on the WSJ report, as well.

The WSJ’s source says that the chief executives of both companies, one Mr. Rick Wagoner and one Mr. Carlos Ghosn, terminated the talks themselves. Thus, if this report is true, then any possibility of an alliance forming between General Motors and Renault/Nissan is gone.

Word has it that Mr. Ghosn stopped for a Coney’s chili dog in Dearborn on his way out of town, though. Hmmm… (We’re kidding, we know for a fact chili gives Carlos gas.) [Reuters]