Suzuki Samurai…. G-Class!

Ah, those Russian folks; apart from having a great sense of humour turns out that they also have an eye for transformations. Who would ever think that converting a Suzuki Samurai -also called Jimny, Sierra, Caribbean, Santana, Holden Drover (Australia) and Maruti Gypsy, into a miniature Mercedes G-Class would turn out so successful that it could probably fool an untrained eye! -One more pic after the jump

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Superconductors Research Heats Up

The race is on to find the "holy grail" of superconductor
research – a material which transmits electricity with zero loss at
room temperatures. Such a development would usher in a new era of technology: high
efficiency mag-lev trains, heat-free computers, cheap rail-gun launched
spaceships, zero-loss power lines and portable medical imaging are just
a few inventions awaiting it’s discovery. Some scientists believe it’s just
a matter of getting the right materials together under the right
circumstances, and researchers are plying to be the first to acheive it…
and win the Nobel Prize for physics, a patent worth billions of
dollars, and a high profile interview with

The latest
and greatest materials in the field, nicknamed "high temperature
superconductors", will only operate at temperatures below -140°
Celsius. This may not seem warm to those of us who think of day-old
pizza as "cold",  but it’s a huge improvement over the first
generation of superconductors, which operate just a few degrees above
absolute zero (-273° C).

implications for the environment are clear: superconductors are up to
100 times more compact than their regular counterparts, twice as
efficient, and  lose no energy to heat dissipation. Imagine if the
world’s computers all ran cold to the touch… no fans, no overheating,
and every chip overclocked to the theoretical limit!

Here’s today’s roundup of the latest news in the field:

Carbon Negative Biofuels?!

A potential new fuel has been developed by researchers from the University
of Georgia using wood
. Small bits of wood are heated in an oxygen-free environment to
produce charcoal and a gas. The gas can then be condensed into a liquid
bio-oil which can be processed into a fuel which can be blended like
bio-diesel. The charcoal is being investigated for use as a fertilizer.
Since much of the carbon from the wood or plant matter becomes charcoal,
rather than part of the fuel, if the charcoal is put back into the ground
as fertilizer, then this fuel is net carbon negative.

You’re taking carbon out of the atmosphere when you grow a plant, and if
you don’t use all of that carbon and return some of it to the soil in an
inert form, you’re actually decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the
atmosphere," Adams explained. "We’re optimistic because in most types of
soil, carbon char has very beneficial effects on the ecology of the soil,
its productivity and its ability to maintain fertility.

One potential drawback to this is that only 15-17 percent of the dry
weight of wood is turned into this fuel. The charcoal produced accounts
for another 33 percent of the weight of wood. But that still leaves
roughly 50 percent of the byproducts of this process unaccounted for. We aren’t told if that material becomes useful materials or

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Review Roundup: AMG Lineup, CLK63 AMG Black Series, CLK Cabriolet And C280 Sport Put To The Test

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had the pleasure of bringing you a ‘Review Roundup;, but for those of you who’ve been in Mercedes review withdrawal, today my friends your pain is about to end. We’re back with another action-packed installment, and this time, the entire AMG lineup, the CLK63 AMG Black Series, the CLK Cabriolet and the 2008 C280 Sport are all scrutinized for your reading entertainment. As will all of our ‘Review Roundup’ features, you can find links to each review, along with a brief summary of each, immediately after the jump.

Is Apple Working On A Nav System For Future Mercedes Models?

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen; I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. One of the stories making headlines today is a rumor published by the German magazine Focus which states that Apple – purveyor of the iPod, Mac computer line, soon-to-be iPhone, etc. – is developing a new navigation system which will make its debut on Mercedes models starting in 2009. The rumor then goes on to indicate that after a six-month exclusivity deal, other automakers will follow suit and offer the new nav units in addition to MB.

75% Of Brits Support A Smoking Ban If A Child Under 16 Was In The Car

According to a new study from Privilege insurance, three out of five Brits would support a Government ban ruling out drivers from smoking if a child under 16 was in the car. Even though we’re heavy smokers ourselves, we’ll agree with the majority here, as passive smoking isn’t something we’d like to subject our kids to.

However, we’ll totally disagree with Privilege’s academic research findings that say smokers drive on average 23 per cent faster than non-smokers and are more prone to accidents not only due to speeding but also because smoking reduces a driver’s ability to deal with other events and generates additional mental strain. What’s next, ban chewing gum in the car? If we follow this kind of logic then we should ban kids from cars –have any doubts that youngsters generate 10 times more mental strain than smoking and that they distract drivers more than anything else? -See the press release after the jump


Seventy per cent of the public would support a Government ban prohibiting drivers from smoking if a child under 16 was in the car according to new research from Privilege Insurance.

With one in twenty youngsters under the age of sixteen subjected to passive smoking from their parents, the health implications for the next generation are worrying. And new academic research has shown that smokers have an increased crash risk, leaving youngsters in both health and accident danger.

Privilege’s academic research has proved smokers drive on average 23 per cent faster than non-smokers. As speed is a contributory factor in over a quarter of all fatal accidents[i], smokers not only have to deal with the possibility of being diagnosed with a fatal disease, they are now more likely than non smokers to be involved in a crash.

Previous Privilege research shows the number of people smoking while driving is predicted to increase by 14 per cent following the smoking ban on 1st July.

Jennifer Culley, from Privilege Insurance said:

“Smoking reduces a driver’s ability to deal with other events and generates additional mental strain, especially for people smoking while driving for the first time.”

Dr Mark Young, from Brunel University, who carried out the study on behalf of Privilege, explained the significance of its findings:

“The study clearly shows that smokers do have a tendency to drive faster and more inconsistently than non-smokers – in effect, confirming theories that smokers tend to have a more risk-taking attitude to life. It’s also clear that smoking is an activity that diverts a driver’s attention away from the task of driving, especially for those drivers who choose to start smoking in their car following the ban. Drivers should therefore exercise extreme caution and discretion if they choose to smoke and drive.

“In addition, the health implications of smoking have been hugely reported and England is following the lead of countries such as New Zealand , Germany , Scotland , Brazil and India which have already banned smoking in company cars for health reasons.”

Safety while driving is paramount and will reduce the chances of having an accident. Privilege Insurance guarantees to beat renewal quotes for drivers with 4+ years no claims discount and on an equivalent basis to ours. Offer ends 31 October 2007.

US States that have banned smoking in cars for passengers under 16



New jersey




New York



Countries looking into banning smoking primarily on health grounds



Countries that have laws in place against smoking and driving due to the distraction



Scotland (a £60 fine is imposed on offenders)

Video: See How A Bugatti Veyron W16 Engine Block Is Carved

In this 10 minute-long video a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine meticulously carves a Bugatti Veyron W16 Engine Block inch by inch from a single block of metal. The technologically advanced machine we see here working like an artist is a Matsuura MAM72-42V 5 axis CNC and we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s worth more than a Bugatti Veyron. Truly amazing.


Quotes After the Race at Le Mans

Dr Wolfgang Ullrich (Head of Audi Motorsport): “I think this was the most difficult race we ever did at Le Mans – even more difficult than the rain-soaked race in 2001. This was topped this time due to the strong competition, the many …

Quotes After the Race at Le Mans

Dr Wolfgang Ullrich (Head of Audi Motorsport): “I think this was the most difficult race we ever did at Le Mans – even more difficult than the rain-soaked race in 2001. This was topped this time due to the strong competition, the many …

Many VIPs Visited Audi at Le Mans

Seal visited the Audi team Opening of the Audi Tower 21 Official Cars from Audi for the ACO The Le Mans 24 Hours is well-known as the toughest car race in the world and attracts many VIPs from sport, show biz and politics year by year. …

Rotary Powered BMW: E30 320i Fitted With A RX7 Engine!

Our hardcore readers are probably familiar with the term “engine-swap”. In a few words, it’s the process of removing a car’s engine and replacing it with another, usually from a different model and make. In this case, a BMW E30 320i received an engine transplant from a third-generation Mazda RX7 -yes, the twin-turbo rotary engine that produced, depending on the version, between 255Hp – 276Hp! And that’s not all because according to our fellow blogger, this Malaysian bimmer boasts a JDM Mazda RX7 FD3S suspension and a Nissan Skyline rear axle!

We know what you’re thinking and we totally agree: BMW E30 plus RX7 engine equals big, trouble-steer. However, just in case you’re interested, the rotary-powered 320i is on sale in Malaysia for RM 13.000 (about $3.800 or €2.800).

PS: Albeit our fellow blogger says it’s a 1984 320i, unless the owner changed the rear-end, this is the facelift E30 that came out in 1987

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Audi Stays in the Victory Lane at Le Mans

Seventh success for Audi in endurance classic Audi TDI Power dominates again Extremely difficult conditions in jubilee race AUDI AG has continued its impressive series of victories in the Le Mans 24 Hour race in extremely difficult …