Rotary Powered BMW: E30 320i Fitted With A RX7 Engine!

Our hardcore readers are probably familiar with the term “engine-swap”. In a few words, it’s the process of removing a car’s engine and replacing it with another, usually from a different model and make. In this case, a BMW E30 320i received an engine transplant from a third-generation Mazda RX7 -yes, the twin-turbo rotary engine that produced, depending on the version, between 255Hp – 276Hp! And that’s not all because according to our fellow blogger, this Malaysian bimmer boasts a JDM Mazda RX7 FD3S suspension and a Nissan Skyline rear axle!

We know what you’re thinking and we totally agree: BMW E30 plus RX7 engine equals big, trouble-steer. However, just in case you’re interested, the rotary-powered 320i is on sale in Malaysia for RM 13.000 (about $3.800 or €2.800).

PS: Albeit our fellow blogger says it’s a 1984 320i, unless the owner changed the rear-end, this is the facelift E30 that came out in 1987

Via: tougeking