Toyota FJ Cruiser Convertible

toyota-fj-cruiser-convertible.jpgWe came across Newport Convertible Engineering at the SEMA show a couple of weeks ago, and the company’s FJ Cruiser Convertible immediately caught our eye. Not only does this $10,000 conversion give FJ Cruiser owners a power-operated soft top in place of the standard steel roof, but it also eliminates the FJ’s giant C-pillar that creates a huge blindspot for the driver and makes back seat passengers feel claustrophobic. Continue reading Toyota FJ Cruiser Convertible

Toyota crowned Marketer of the Year

toyota-logo.jpgToyota has just been named Advertising Age’s 2006 Marketer of the Year. Citing an appealing lineup of vehicle designs, advertising campaigns and promotional strategies that have made it a hit with American consumers, Advertising Age warns Detroit to keep an eye on its rearview mirrors. We would say to watch your side windows at this point. Toyota’s sales have continued to rise without the need for incentives and they even helped pull the entire industry out of a sales decline with additional help from Lexus and Scion. Strong product is only part of the equation, however. Even with great products, the wrong image can kill you. Continue reading Toyota crowned Marketer of the Year

Toyota Aurion Sports Concept

aurion_sports_03.jpgToyota is teasing Aussie customers with a very hot-looking show car that takes the new Aurion in a very sporty direction. The car is purely a styling exercise, so there’s no news regarding any newfound goodness underhood, but Toyota Australia is careful to note that many of the appearance mods seen here are under consideration for a potential future sports model, which would likely be powered by “a supercharged or turbocharged version of an advanced Toyota engine.” Continue reading Toyota Aurion Sports Concept

5.7-liter V8 in Toyota Tundra will produce 381 horsepower

2007_tundra_29.jpgThrough the digital grape vine we came across an article on MSNBC that rehashes the impending battle between Ford, Chevy and Toyota on the full-size pickup front. We’ve heard this story before, hell, we’ve told this story before, but what caught our eye was close to the end of the article when MSNSB Business Editor Roland Jones tells us that the 2007 Toyota Tundra’s top engine, the i-Force 5.7-liter V8, will produce 381 horsepower. Wow! We’ve been trying to get that info out of Toyota since the Chicago auto show back in February, and Roland just lets it roll of the tongue like he were quoting rear-seat leg room. Unfortunately no torque numbers were mentioned, though we’re far from sure this number is accurate anyway. Continue reading 5.7-liter V8 in Toyota Tundra will produce 381 horsepower

Toyota Auris space concept

auris00003.jpgThis interesting concept car from Toyota is making its world debut in Paris, with a new interpretation of Toyota’s “VIbrant Clarity” design theme. The Auris emphasizes interior comfort, style and convenience, wrapped in a cab-forward architecture with short front and rear overhangs.The C-segment Auris concept could herald the next generation of Toyota small cars – stay tuned. Continue reading Toyota Auris space concept

Lexus GS450h hybrid

lexus-gs450h.jpgThe new hybrid from Lexus is a smooth ride, but it’s a hefty price to pay to feel eco-friendly with good diesels around. Remember Betamax video recorders, those lumbering, top-loading titans of terminal technology? They went from old hat to dead format in the blink of an eye. Now picture the Lexus GS450h, a car that may just be the equivalent of a $121,900 Betamax recorder. Continue reading Lexus GS450h hybrid

Toyota to increase overseas output by 40 percent

toyota_logo.jpgIn an effort to meet the increasing demand for product in North America and especially China, Toyota will increase their production levels by 40 percent over 2005 levels. According to Nihon Keizai Shimbun, a business daily in Japan, Toyota expects overseas output to exceed domestic production by 2009, even as output from their home country is set to increase by 9.5 percent by 2008. Continue reading Toyota to increase overseas output by 40 percent