VW brings new TSI engine, along with 7-speed DSG

vw-logo.jpgA little over a year ago Volkswagen introduced their TSI engine range in 138 hp and 168 hp flavors. Those two engines both had displacements of 1.4L with the output of something considerably larger. They achieved this by combining gasoline direct fuel injection with what they call twin charging. Both engines had both a turbocharger and mechanical supercharger.

A third 122 hp TSI engine has now been introduced at the Vienna Motor Symposium. The new engine still has direct injection and a turbo but loses the blower. The engine puts out seven percent more power and thirty percent more torque than VW’s 1.6L FSI engine while burning six percent less gas. All the power of the TSI engine is transferred to the wheels via a new seven speed version of the DSG dual clutch gearbox. The new box loses the wet clutches of the current six-speed unit in favor of a dry setup.

The new engine/gearbox combination will be rated at 40mpg when installed in the Golf and is also available in the Jetta and Touran models.

[Source: Volkswagen via EuroCarBlog]