The Search For Audi A8 Reviews Continues…

I came upon this Audi A8 review over at Business Week (via AutoSpies):

“…All in all, it’s not the money look of Mercedes or BMW’s fancywork. Instead, Audi is carving out a niche that exudes elegance, of the slightly understated, less self-conscious sort. In the flesh, it really is a remarkable looking car and affirms the brand’s general design direction, a turn away from the dowdy roundness reminiscent of Volkswagen.”

As everyone turns to the BMW or Mercedes for the ego boost, there are those of us who don’t need the “status” cars. However, I do see the Audi A8 making it’s way up there! It’s a status car without the status hype. I’ve never been one to be much of a show-off anyways.