Audi Photos From the San Diego Auto Show 2006

Ok, I know you’ve been anticipating the pictures of my dream car from the 2006 San Diego Auto Show. I was giddy with excitement when I approached the Audi display. A midnight blue A8 sat there beckoning me to come in and have a seat, so I obliged.

Here are a few pictures from the inside of the car. Sorry for the bad photography – I was just a little bit too excited to care about camera settings 😉

We have the elegant steering wheel…

And the center console…I wasn’t able to check out all the buttons because there were other people waiting to check it out.

And here are a couple pictures of the outside. Again, sorry for the blurriness. (I swear, I’m a good photographer!)

Oh, and of course, I had to get a picture of me sitting in it 😉