Solar Powered, Water Bottle Lamp

A re-usable water bottle is part of the attire of any serious enviro. But its uses are limited and, frankly, they aren’t that cool. Which is why we’re pretty excited about this solar powered, water bottle lamp. Using a photovoltaic cell on the top of the cap and LEDs on the bottom, the LightCap becomes a lamp as well as a bottle. It seems pretty well thought out, even including a switch that turns on a low drain red LED allowing you to keep it on during the night. Also a light sensor on the cap turns the light off when it isn’t dark.

The bottle holds 32 oz of liquid goodness and the battery will last at least 300 cycles. Of course, it is a little pricier than most bottles at $24.95. The only element we question is their use of toxic Cadmium batteries. Metal hydrides are so cheap these days that that seems like an unfortunate oversight.

But if you want an absolutely indispensable water bottle that will impress all your EcoGeek friends, this is probably your best bet.

Available at Firebox

Via: Moda