Lest Rust: More Green: NYC’s Iron Triangle

EcoGeek loves giant metaphors. In New York, an area called the Iron Triangle – it’s in Queens near Shea Stadium and is presently home to auto shops and a ton of pollution – may be in the sights of the old eco-rifle. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg would like to see the area overhauled and turned into a “vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood” in the city’s largest ever green development project.

From the Mayor’s office:

“Through the remediation of heavily contaminated land, the use of innovative green building technologies and the development of considerable parks and open space, Willets Point can and will serve as a model for sustainable development.”

Knocking out auto shops and replacing it with sustainably-built homes and other businesses? Replacing some 1,300 jobs with over 6,000? And a Republican’s calling for it? EcoGeek needs a drink.

Via Gothamist