Shanghai Motor Show Preview: Buick Riviera Concept

buickrivieraconcept.jpgAutoblog Chinese has the early word on Buick’s Shanghai Motor Show concept, and it’s got another familiar name attached to it: Riviera. Better still, it’s a coupe — no Dodge Charger-style door growth here. The Riviera is being called a “global” concept that showcases Buick’s future design DNA. Penned at GM’s Pan Asia Technical Center, the Shanghai show is just the first venue at which it’ll be shown.

According to AB Chinese’s report, it will travel to other international auto shows afterward. Hopefully that schedule will include next year’s North American exhibitions, where there will likely be no shortage of people interested in seeing the Riviera nameplate on a modern Buick coupe, concept or otherwise.

The Riviera features a traditional coupe profile with short front and rear overhangs and a tall nose that we sure meets pedestrian safety requirements in a number of markets. Not traditional, however, are the car’s oversized gullwing doors, which allow for wide entrance into the Riviera’s apparent 2+2 interior layout. We should have a lot more on this car next week as the Shanghai show gets rolling.




We’re left scratching our heads as to why the US division insists on using silly names like LaCrosse and Lucerne for its cars, while China manages to see the value in leveraging the traditional American monikers with some history behind them, like Regal, Park Ave, and now Riviera.

Source: Autoblog Chinese