Driven: 2007 Audi S6

driven-2007-audi-s6.jpgConsider the position of Audi’s new S6 and the predicament in which the Audi brand finds itself in the American marketplace. A case can be made that the situations are surprisingly parallel. Like the entire Audi brand, the S6 has matured, yet is lagging somewhat in visibility compared to its German rivals. Also like the brand itself, the S6 must stand on its own, continuing to appeal to the traditional Audiphile, yet still catch the eye of those who’ve never owned or even considered a car with those four chrome rings affixed to the grille.


The buzzword about Audi’s positioning as of late in the halls of Auburn Hills is “Restart.” This term represents a whole new approach to the American market, with fresh new product that will captivate more customers than ever and convert them to the brand. At the same time, success relies on Audi staying credible to its traditional customers. For no other car in Audi’s lineup will this be seemingly more apparent than for the S6.