A Preview: The Next Generation of the Audi A8

I just came across some “spy shots” of the next generation of Audi A8’s over at Audi World (via Autoblog). Looking at the pictures, it seems that this new version of the A8 looks a bit sportier. I do like the side view, but I don’t know if I care too much for the wider fenders.

Anyhow, to update you on my journey to buying my own Audi A8, I did receive a booklet from Miramar Audi (thanks, guys!) and just need to set up an appointment to test drive one! However, I’ve had doubts about purchasing a brand new one because someone told me that the A8 depreciates very quickly. Then I think, well, what car doesn’t depreciate? It’s not like I will be selling it any time soon anyways. If anything, I plan on keeping it five years or more….