Kia Picanto Facelift: Official Details & Images Released

Kia came out with an official release and more images of its updated Picanto mini that’ll premiere at the Barcelona Auto Show on June 7, 2007, In a nutshell, the 2008 Picanto received a new front end, different rear light clusters and an updated interior inspired from the Cee’d. There are no changes in the engine range. The Koreans believe that the facelift will help boost annual oversees sales

Official: MINI Revises Its Range Adopting BMW’s Efficient Dynamics Technologies On All Versions

Just as we were informed by BMW execs at a previous trip we made in Munich back in March, MINI (officially) announced that all variants will adopt BMW’s Efficient Dynamics Tech goodies, first shown on the recently facelifted 1 & 5 Series. Thus meaning, from August 2007, all MINI versions will be equipped as standard with Brake Energy Regeneration, Auto Start-Stop Function and Switch Point Display

Sideways Challenge: Tiff Needell Takes A VW Golf GTI For A Spin

As 5th Gear’s presenter proves in this video, you don’t necessary need a rear-wheel drive vehicle to have a little sideways fun. Wait; did I say fun? Well maybe for Tiff, his co-driver and us viewers, but definetely not for the poor guy sitting in the Golf GTI Edition 30’s rear bench. Not the best place on earth to be when a driver like Tiff decides to steer looking out through his side window.

Ginetta G50: All New 300Hp Sports Car Coming In 2008

After several managerial and owner changes the past two decades which nearly lead the British sports car and kit manufacturer to extinction, Ginetta’s current owner, LNT Automotive (they bought the company in 2005) has announced its plans for an all-new model, designated the Ginetta G50. The sports coupe, that celebrates the company’s 50th birthday, has been designed in-house at LNT Automotive’s

Car Blog News: Birthdays & Facelifts

Cars, cars, cars and… scoops. Don’t you think it’s about time we made a little a break from all that metal and see what’s going around the automotive blogsphere? Thought so. First up we saw that our Autoblog friends (the dot com ones) performed their own… facelift by redesigning their site -nice job John. To celebrate it, they’re giving away a brand new, 2008 Dodge Nitro. Believe you’re the

2009 Seat Bolero: Spanish Firm Unveils Details On Its Audi A4 Sized Sedan

Once upon a time, VW Group wanted to transform Seat, whom it had acquired (or rather saved) from Fiat, to a Spanish “Alfa Romeo”. Then all of a sudden we saw Seat presenting models like the Toledo, the Altea XL and recently, the Freetrack… Well, looks like VW’s white-collar workers have learned their lessons. Along with the announcement that they’ll present an all new C/D segment model

Peugeot 308: First Official Pictures!

These are the first official pictures of Peugeot’s brand new compact hatch, the 308 which will succeed the 307 in the French carmaker’s range. Its design, which combines styling elements from the 207, the 407 and its predecessor, the 307, comes to no surprise as we’ve already had the chance to see various uncamouflaged prototypes on the road the past weeks. Still, as we’ve already noted before,

Hamann Ferrari F430 Spider

Another week, another Hamann Ferrari F430. Well, this time it’s the rag-top F430 and thanks God, without all the “Black Miracle” coloured blasphemy. Hamann’s Spider has received a discreet bodykit promising to optimize aerodynamics with the addition of a front spoiler, a newly designed rear diffuser and a rear spoiler -we could do without that. Interestingly, all add-on parts are optionally

Porn Star Claims Highway Trooper Ignored Drugs In Exchange For An Oral Favor…

This story has it all; porn star, drugs, sex, cops, video tapes and… blogs! The incident allegedly took place on May 7 in Wilson County near Highway 840 and Interstate 40 when a Tennessee Highway Trooper named James Randy Moss stopped porn-star Barbie Cummings (…) aka Justis Richert –yeah, we prefer the alias too, for a speeding ticket. He found drugs in her car and decided –always according to

Lamborghini Murcielago SV: Lightweight version spotted

SV stands for Super Veloce which in Italian, means Super Fast. But hey, doesn’t Lamborghini already have a “sportier” version of the Murcielago, the LP640? They do, and officially, the SV doesn’t exist. However according to the guys at Car magazine and their photographer who snapped some pretty interesting shots, Lamborghini will introduce this special, lightweight version of the Murcielago LP640

Lexus RX 400h Ad Banned For Misleading Low-Emissions Implications!

Our friendly British advertising watchdog has done it again by banning a Lexus magazine advert for the RX 400h on the grounds of false claims! For those of you with a hefty memory, the British Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) had banned Ford’s “Focus Zetec Climate” TV ad last year due to complaints from two viewers who said that it was misleading. The magazine ad for the Lexus RX 400h was

Ford’s Hydrogen Powered E-450 Shuttle Buses Arrive In Orlando

Next time you’re in Orlando keep an eye open for these funky blue shuttle buses as FoMoCo and the State of Florida announced today, May 23, that they’re putting together a fleet of eight hydrogen-fueled Ford E-450 buses, four of which will be used by the Greater Orlando Airport Authority (GOAA) and the Orlando Convention Central District. The Ford E-450 shuttle bus is powered by a 6.8-liter V-