Renault Laguna goes diesel

renault-laguna.jpgTHE Renault Laguna is back and the new-look model comes with a diesel engine only. There’s a pile of letters in Renault Australia’s Melbourne office that has been growing since the company returned here in 2001. They are from people who have driven its diesel cars in Europe, often as part of Renault’s own Eurodrive leasing program. “Why can’t we buy one here?” they ask. The new Laguna dCi means Renault can start replying — with good news. Continue reading Renault Laguna goes diesel

Driven: 2007 Audi S6

driven-2007-audi-s6.jpgConsider the position of Audi’s new S6 and the predicament in which the Audi brand finds itself in the American marketplace. A case can be made that the situations are surprisingly parallel. Like the entire Audi brand, the S6 has matured, yet is lagging somewhat in visibility compared to its German rivals. Also like the brand itself, the S6 must stand on its own, continuing to appeal to the traditional Audiphile, yet still catch the eye of those who’ve never owned or even considered a car with those four chrome rings affixed to the grille. Continue reading Driven: 2007 Audi S6

Porsche 997 gets a subtle nip and tuck

997_tweaked_1.jpgIn keeping with Porsche’s long-held tradition of incremental evolution, pictures surfaced yesterday of a mildly tweaked 997 making its way around the Nurburgring. The exterior changes are expectedly subtle, with the front fascia getting larger air intakes, ala the new 911 Turbo, and a mildly stretched nose. Out rear, the taillights have been sunken into the bodywork to a greater degree and have finally moved into the 21st century with an LED setup replacing the old bulb-illuminated units. Continue reading Porsche 997 gets a subtle nip and tuck