Volkswagen Rabbit 2007

volkswagen rabbit 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit 2007
Which VW is the best selling model of all time? Well, if you answered the Beetle you can’t be faulted as it was the company’s top selling model for several decades. Recently, however, the Golf supplanted the Beetle as more than 25 million Golf models have been sold since the car was introduced during the mid 1970s. Today, the Golf is still produced but its old name – the Rabbit – is once again in use for the North American market – New 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit. This curious change in strategy has some people scratching their heads, but it may yet prove to be a marketing coup for the German automaker.
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BMW reportedly interested in buying Volvo?

bmw-volvo.jpgAutocar says BMW seriously considered taking Volvo off of Ford’s hands earlier this year, going so far as to request financial data about the company, which is surprising on several levels. First, does this mean Volvo is for sale? Bill Ford has said nothing in Ford’s Premium Auto Group is sacred, but Volvo seems to be one of the company’s shiniest jewels. Continue reading BMW reportedly interested in buying Volvo?

VW brings new TSI engine, along with 7-speed DSG

vw-logo.jpgA little over a year ago Volkswagen introduced their TSI engine range in 138 hp and 168 hp flavors. Those two engines both had displacements of 1.4L with the output of something considerably larger. They achieved this by combining gasoline direct fuel injection with what they call twin charging. Both engines had both a turbocharger and mechanical supercharger. Continue reading VW brings new TSI engine, along with 7-speed DSG

Wolfsburg plant produces 25 millionth Vw Golf

The 25 millionth Golf rolled off the Volkswagen production line in Wolfsburg on 23 March.

The very first example of the production Volkswagen Golf was assembled in 1974 and within three years volume totalled a million vehicles.  Over 33 years and four generations later a Golf 1.4 TSI fitted with DSG transmission and finished in tornado red, became the 25 millionth example. Continue reading Wolfsburg plant produces 25 millionth Vw Golf

Coveted Mercury Award for Volkswagen Magazine

A jury of some 100 international creativity and marketing experts has made its choice: the Volkswagen Magazine has been awarded the coveted Mercury Award 2006 in silver.

The Volkswagen Magazine, which the Wolfsburg-based automaker publishes in cooperation with G + J Corporate Media GmbH, ran for the first time in the Custom Publications, Automobiles category and was awarded a place among the top 3 at this first attempt. Continue reading Coveted Mercury Award for Volkswagen Magazine

Volkswagen Passat

Slide into the snug, over-bolstered leather seat. Push the chunky key fob into a slot labeled “start/stop.” Tune an ear to combustion as smooth as a baby’s backside. Grab hold of the three-spoke leather-wrapped helm. Engage first gear. Mash the throttle and drop the clutch. Brace for wheel hop, snick through the gears to triple digit speeds, then slam on the brakes. Escape through the heavy driver’s door and slam it shut. Glance back at the Volkswagen Passat 2.0T. Continue reading Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen Unveils 2008 Jetta TDI Bluetec Diesel in the US

volkswagen_jetta_cleanest_t.jpgVolkswagen today unveiled the new 2008 Volkswagen Jetta TDI at the DC Auto Show. The new 2008 Volkswagen Jetta TDI has the new 2.0 liter four-cylinder BLUETEC diesel engine that was announced in the beginning of this month. The 2.0 liter Common Rail diesel engine, used in a Jetta, uses a nitrogen oxide reservoir catalytic converter to reduce the levels of nitrogen oxide. Continue reading Volkswagen Unveils 2008 Jetta TDI Bluetec Diesel in the US

VW Eos flubbs USA Today review by not starting

eos_02_lr.jpgUSA Today’s James Healey really liked the new VW Eos. “… boy, was the car nice when it wasn’t broken.” Uh oh. Broken? In technical terms, giving a non-working car to the nation’s highest-circulation newspaper is offically called a “whoopsie.” Healey loved how the Eos looked, drove and operated until he stopped for gas. After filling up, the gorgeous hardtop convertible showed signs of electrical problems by refusing to start. Not Good. Continue reading VW Eos flubbs USA Today review by not starting

Porsche consultants hope to maximize efficiency of VW factory

qbilde.jpgPorsche CEO Wendelin Wiedeking is following up on his stated intent to take great care of his “Volkswagen investment.”  Porsche is VW’s largest shareholder with a 27.4 percent stake, which it plans to increase to 29.9 percent. Next year, adviser teams from Porsche Consulting, a subsidiary, will descend on Wolfsburg, Germany, to scrutinize VW’s main factory there. The teams will seek ways to improve material and work flow. Continue reading Porsche consultants hope to maximize efficiency of VW factory

Volkswagen R GTI

vwbilde.jpgThe magnificent R GTI is easily the nimblest and most fun-to-drive Volkswagen ever built. Volkswagen’s Design Center California and APR of Auburn, Alabama, lightened it up and added huge twists of horsepower and torque. The weight loss came from a carbon fiber hood, front fenders, rear hatch and everything else except the roof, doors and rear quarter-panels. Lighter forged wheels and lighter suspension components combine with the carbon fiber to shave 150 pounds off the curb weight. Continue reading Volkswagen R GTI