Win a Test Drive With Audi A4 Global Drives

The latest Audi project, Audi A4 Global Drives, is all about being inspired. Audi takes us into an exciting virtual world where you can map out a great route to drive an Audi4. You can also vote on other people’s routes and the person with the most inspiring route wins a test drive along their dream route!

How exciting to be able to drive through different countries or even different continents in an Audi A4!

From a website design point-of-view, I love how innovative the A4 Global Drives site is. I almost feel as if I’m some kind of agent checking out my current mission where I need to travel to far-off distant places. Audi definitely knows how to get their customers involved with their website.

As of the writing of this post, there are currently 215 people who have entered their dream driving route, with 87% of them being men and 13% being women. C’mon, ladies, get in their and start creating your dream drive! I’m definitely going over right now to enter…