Volkswagen named best-full line corporation again

Strategic Vision has named Volkswagen of America, Inc. the best-full line manufacturer for the second consecutive year. Along with that, the Volkswagen Rabbit was also rated the top vehicle in its class in the yearly Strategic Vision Total Quality Index (TQI), which has the task of measuring the new vehicle owner satisfaction.

Alexander Edwards, President of Strategic Vision said, “On top of strong quality, the Volkswagen Rabbit hits a strong emotional chord with its buyers. Overall, Volkswagen vehicles have proven to be of high-quality and owners are passionate about the brand and their vehicles.”

In the small multi-function segment, Rabbit has ranked top above many various competitors, all of which had something to offer. Executive Vice President of Volkswagen of America, Adrian Hallmark said, “Volkswagen has continued to do well in the Strategic Vision Total Quality Awards. It reiterates that our vehicles are well crafted and fun to drive and that our owners are some of the most passionate drivers in the market.”

Hallmark also said, “Our continuing commitment to building high-quality vehicles is evident in important quality surveys, like Strategic Vision; it is Volkswagen’s objective to continue to improve our quality and receive scores among the top tier.”

The Strategic Vision Total Quality Index observes all aspects of the ownership experience – from buying and owning to driving the car. It associates the satisfaction of customers with complete ownership experience, owner reported delight, future purchase intent, perception of quality, and emotional attachment to the vehicle.