Volkswagen introduces the new Passat Blumotion

Volkswagen Passat Blumotion

Volkswagen is introducing the new Passat BlueMotion to the market – the most economical car in the world in the 4.8 meter class. This Volkswagen, powered by a 77 kW / 105 PS TDI engine, breaks through the fuel consumption barrier of 5.5 liters for its class, as a sedan and Variant. Compared to the base model, the Passat BlueMotion saves 0.6 liters per 100 kilometers. Until now, such fuel economy values were exclusively attainable by much smaller vehicles.

Paired with its low fuel consumption values are reductions in carbon dioxide emissions by 10% of 15 g/km. A standard particulate filter is also integrated in the emission control system.

To notice any difference between a BlueMotion Passat and a regular one, you have to really look closely. The changes on the Passat happen on the underside, where various spoilers and skirts have been added to give a 12% improvement in slipperiness. It’s also been lowered by 15mm at the front and 8mm at the rear.

The prospects are good that the new Passat BlueMotion will be one of the most sought after models within the model series. Due to the fact that, not only does it protects the environment, it also protects the car owner’s budget. A single fill of its 70 liter fuel tanks lets the Passat BlueMotion reach theoretical operating ranges of 1,370 and 1,350 kilometers. The new BlueMotion will begin deliveries in June.