Volkswagen GTI Mk V Golf tops 2007 Automobiles

Another powerful conquer by one of the leading German automaker Volkswagen. The renewed Volkswagen GTI Mk V comes out on top, and that is without a doubt. This is how a real hatchback should work and its the VW GTI who showed all what it’s got.

As Automobile Magazine puts it, “The 2.0T is a successful marriage of exemplary drivability and superior economy.” This newest release of the GTI line up proved that the glory of the hatchback still should be crowned to the GTIs with its turbocharged engine now running at 200hp @ 5100 rpm and a torque at 207 lb-ft @ 1800 rpm. Not bad, for a renewed car. This proves that it still GTIs are still one of the top selling cars in the industry.

VW GTI Mk V Golf is a budget car but still full of performance and with that concept alone, it remains to be the third best-selling cars of Volkswagen.