Volkswagen expects more sales for the Eos diesel variant

Convertibles and folding metal roof coupe-cabriolets are the latest trend right now in the UK, with the recent statistics from the Society of Motoring Manufacturers and Traders indicating that registrations are now over 100,000 units a year, three times the number a decade ago.

Industry figures also show that petrol engined models dominate with a 70 percent of sales, but Volkswagen beg to differ.

Volkswagen introduced their Eos Coupe-Cabriolet range last July with petrol and diesel engine options. The petrol models currently account for 51 percent of Eos sales but next year Volkswagen UK expects that the diesel variants will be on top by accumulating 54 percent of sales. This is definitely far from the 20 percent Eos diesel sales forecast Volkswagen had last July when the range was initially launched.

This year, Volkswagen is expecting to sell 5,500 Eos models in the UK. The UK is the third largest market for Eos in world after Germany and the USA.

Most of the coupe-cabriolet sales in the UK comes from the business user-chooser customers. The folding metal roof technology apparently makes them feel safer and more secure so companies now allow these types of vehicles on their car choice lists.

High mileage company car users affect the increasing sales of diesel powered models, hence Volkswagen predicts that next year their diesel Eos models will beat other petrol versions.

Currently, the single best selling Eos model is the 2.0-liter TDI.