Volkswagen Barbie Beetle

volkswagen-barbie-beetle.jpgIn a word, the New Beetle is cute. Okay, the Turbo is reasonably fun, and the not-for-US-sale RSi was a hairy-enough beast that the flower vase could have been replaced with a holster, but this erases all of it. The lug nuts are pink. Does that mean your little sister will learn to change a tire? Maybe that’s what this is: an educational opportunity aimed at involving more women in the ownership experience.

Not too many more, though. VW only plans on selling thirteen. Too bad the oil isn’t pink, too, or at least the filter. If the connecting rod bolts were pink, would we see a new demographic doing engine rebuilds?


Actually, it’s too bad more of the interior isn’t pink. Since when did Barbie drive a car with a black interior merely trimmed in pink? If you must build a Barbie special edition, at least do it right. If we remember correctly, Barbie’s interiors are always white with pink and purple trim. Not that we ever played with Barbies…. Um, but we saw a pink Corvette in our sister’s room once. Just once. When we were trying on those adorable lace-trimmed socks. They didn’t fit, and then she cried when we stretched them out. But now she’s bigger, so we don’t bring it up.


If you want a Barbie Beetle, too bad. Like we said, VW is only making thirteen, and not even one is making it out of Mexico. Of course, if you’d like to try to land one second-hand, or sneak one across the border, the MSRP is $24,368. Remember to bribe the border patrol, and try the tamales![Car and Driver]