Toyota’s expansion taking its toll on employees

Toyota’s success over the past decade has come at the cost of quality at times, and now, it’s affecting employees and their families. In a document obtained by Automotive News, ToMoCo engineers and managers are getting worn out, whether it’s from cross-country trips in close succession or the daily rigors of constant expansion. The result is five-percent of employees leaving the automaker in 2006, and 10-percent leaving in 2005.

The remedy seems to entail increasing the number of places around North America for Toyota’s employees to conduct business, including new satellite branches in Fremont, CA, Los Angeles, British Columbia, Baja Mexico and throughout the Midwest, South and Great Lakes area.

With an average of one new plant coming on line every year, Toyota expects to have most of these new locations setup by 2010, which will hopefully stem the tide of workers fleeing the company.

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